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The Snake Inside Humans, Part 1 of 12, Feb 18, 2021

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I have told them to give a message to you, that all of you must have it. The remote keyboard, and the screen monitor. The screen monitor has not too much of this radiation, I guess, from all the complicated things in the computer. Like you can see it… also much bigger image, easier to look at (Yes.), and then so that you can sit far away from the computer.

Hi. (Hallo!) (Hi, Master!) Hi, guys. (Hallo, Master.) Hallo. (Hallo, Master.) How are you? (Very good.) (Wonderful, Master.) (Very good, Master.) (How are You, Master?) I’m good if you are good. (Oh.) I try to be good, no? (Yes. Thank You.) I thought it is still (Lunar) New Year so we have a little break, not working so much. I thought I’d read you a story. (Wow! Thank You, Master.) Is that OK? Every day looking at myself, so boring, so I thought I’d look at some more beautiful faces, like those in front of me right now. (It’s good to see You, Master.) You feel good? (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) (Thank You, Master.)

Do I look good there? (Yes, Master.) It’s better this way. I have a new system now; I can see you better. I can see you more. There is a price to be independent. Normally, before, everybody – the cameraman, the professional – took care of everything and I just showed up and looked pretty. And now I look pretty, sweating. One moment. Be patient. (We see You.) Ah, I see. (Yay!) (Yes, we see You.) You can see my pretty face again? (Yes, Master.) Pretty older face, pretty but old, old but pretty. It’s OK now? (Yes, it’s better.) Better? (Yay!) Man! I’m getting high-tech nowadays. I have a screen monitor, I have a computer in front of me, and I have a camera also. (Wow!) (Yay!) And I have a light also. A table lamp. And we are set. You can see me? (Yes, Master.) Thank God for all that. Now I have to do one more thing which I forgot. I turn on the video. Too many, too many marvelous instruments.

My God! Can I do everything? Can I sing and dance? Yes, sure. All right, then… yes, we are OK. We are better nowadays, right? (Yes, Master.) Because the so-called table is very small. I put a piece of wood on top of the boxes to make it become a table. It’s not a professional table, which has a good advantage, like you can turn it around. You can turn the piece of wood on top around wherever you want to. It becomes different… (Wow.)

Is it OK now? (Yes, Master.) Even if it’s not, it is. We have no choice with your very, very professional Master here. All alone. Doing everything. Today, I think it’s the second or third day that I have tried this new system with the monitor, the screen monitor? Yes! (Yes.) And the rat, I mean the mouse. (Yes.) Mouse and rat is the same to me. Because it just gives me no end of trouble. (Oh.) I am not used to it. And then he runs everywhere. You know how rats run. They run everywhere and they’re very difficult for me to get used to it, to control. But I’ll be OK in a while. I’ll get used to it. I am not complaining. I’m just telling you that your superwoman is not always super. (Yes, Master.)

I have just flipped out (the book) and it shows me a story called: “The Gate of Heaven.” Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you are very, very cool. You are so good, you can do so many things. People would think we are professional here, but we are not. I appreciate it very much, I just wanted to tell you something, I’ve forgotten again.

Today is the third day that I have tried this screen monitor, because your brothers tell me that it’s better for me, because then we use remote typing, the panel. (Wireless.) The what, love? (The wireless keyboard.) The keyboard, the remote keyboard. (Yes.) And the remote rat-mouse. (Yes.) It’s so very difficult for me. It’s kind of hard. Not really that hard, it’s just that I’m not used to it and it takes a longer time, and I am very tempted to always go back to the direct computer, sitting in front of the computer and use the keyboard right in front of me, that is on the computer. But I have to try, maybe it’s better for me. The keyboard, the remote keyboard doesn’t give you pain in the fingers. Did you girls buy them?

I have told them to give a message to you, that all of you must have it. The remote keyboard, and the screen monitor. The screen monitor has not too much of this radiation, I guess, from all the complicated things in the computer. Like you can see it… also much bigger image, easier to look at (Yes.), and then so that you can sit far away from the computer. Do you capisch? Did you buy already? (We have screen monitors, Master.) You already had? (Yes.) (The keyboards that we currently have, we can sit far away.) OK, that’s good, I was the only one that did not have. OK, always. I never knew this until one of your brothers wrote the Heartline, telling me that I can do this, do that, so I don’t have the pain in my finger. The pain was… after a while you forget it also. I forgot it. Not too much painful, I mean after a while, you get used to it. But it’s just that I keep losing my muscle, here, (Oh.) around, under, above the elbow, and it was alarming. Originally, I thought because of my sickness before, but it was a long time, a year, long, long, long time ago, so it cannot be that. (Yes.)

Even Heaven told me, “Quit the computer,” but I cannot, I have to work with it. (Oh.) And it’s, never mind. I hope it’s better. (Yes, Master.) All right. And then, because I tried it, it’s so hard, and very slow for me, and I was thinking… it gives me a little vexation, frustration, and I was thinking of you guys, maybe you have the same feeling, same unpleasantness, and I was thinking, oh, I feel so sorry for you (Oh.) and I feel so much appreciation.

I just want to tell you that I appreciate all your hard work very much. (Thank You, Master.) You here, in front of me, and the outside TV remote workers in the whole world, I thank you all very much for all your effort, your sacrifice, and your expertise. I think it’s not pleasant to sit in front of the computer all day. I had to, because I work also very slow.

Where is my glasses by the way? Your Master, she forgot everything. Glasses, where are you? I can’t see it, my God. I just had it before, now I can’t see anything. Where is my glasses? Without glasses, how can I read it to you? It’s kind of blurry. I could read, just blurry. It’s better with the glasses. I don’t see the glasses. I just had it in front of me. Could you please wait there? (Yes, Master.) Don’t run away anywhere, I’ll catch you. Glasses, oh here it is, it’s just in front of me. Now I look very like scholarly. (Yes, Master.) I look scholarly, with the glasses on.

And I was thinking how hard you have been working all these days, months, and years, every day, there is no day rest. I appreciate it very much, and I love you so much for all your dedication. (Thank You, Master.) Thank you very much.

I guess it’s maybe a little easier for you. Right? (Yes.) You type faster and you are more expert with the computer. And I’m not. I have never used them until recently. I did use them sometimes just for USB, but I did not use it all the time to type things, to type the corrections, the additions, the comments, and all that, all day long. Then I realized how hard you work, so I appreciate that very much, and I thank you, again.

I know I thanked you before, but I thank you again now. (Thank You, Master.) It’s quite difficult for me. It’s quite, I mean, not pleasant. I am willing to do it, nevertheless. It’s just not my cup of tea to sit in front of the computer. It’s good that I work like that with you so that I can understand you and appreciate more. And even just to organize this conference between us, which is supposed to be simple, but still, you worked very hard for it.

I hope the viewers appreciate our trying our best. Maybe for them, it’s nothing, but for me, I feel that you put a lot of effort into whatever you do, and these conferences as well. Thank you, extra. That’s why I wanted to have a conference today, not a conference. Do you have questions, by the way?

(Some of us have questions, Master, but we didn’t prepare. We have some prepared in our heads but not on paper.) Oh! Oh good, later maybe. (Yes, Master.) Doesn’t matter if you prepared, you just ask. (Yes, Master. OK.)

It’s sometimes the phone doesn’t convey very well, but we’ve managed many times. And if I don’t hear it well, somebody can translate to me, (Yes, Master.) like other times. Now I read you the story, after so much ado already.

But really, I appreciate it very much these two, three days, when I tried new things. It makes it harder for me and I wonder that you are doing it every day willingly. At your age, most people outside, having fun and having a cozy family or whatever they have there. And you’re just sitting in front of the computer every day, working for the world with me, and I really am very grateful. I was thinking about you and shed some tears. (Oh.) I was thinking like what good kids you are. Because some also left us. Maybe it was too difficult, too hard, too hard work or too hard life without much socialization. But actually, nowadays people also cannot socialize that much anymore. Correct? (Yes, Master.) Unless they want to flout the curfew, and then go to jail for six months, like in Singapore. (Yes.)

Nowadays, the governments are very, very strict on that. (Yes.) My God! What a world we live in. It was hard enough without the pandemic, (Yes.) without shutdowns. And for the kids, it must be horrible. I think about them every day, about the people who lost their jobs, who cannot provide for the family, and who are evicted from their home even, you know that or not? (Yes, Master.) If you have some time and glance into the news, you see that. It’s horrible, terrible. And I cannot help everybody and it just breaks my heart. It’s just anything, many things in this world just break my heart.

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