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Jadilah Mulia, Berpikirlah Mulia, dan Inginkan Tuhan Saja, Bagian ke-10 dari 12 Seri

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A lot of people are vegan in Italy. That’s the Italian people. So nice, so patient, so loving! And I haven’t met any Italian who has not been kind to me. You know, just to be reminded that St. Francis of Assisi, he was vegetarian, well known, (Yes, Master.) and he loves animals. Everybody knows that. The whole world knows that. And the Italian people, they love him. Maybe that’s why it’s ingrained in their culture to be kind to animals. And also, if people are kind to animals, they normally are kind also to humans. That’s what is said: If you love animals, you would love humans, too. And I’m happy, I’m happy for the Italian people. Yeah, it’s not about Italy or the Italian people. It’s about the principle of life that they uphold. It’s about loving kindness, ethical treatment of humans and animals. It’s about their culture. It’s about the nice and humane culture that I’m talking about. Every country should be like that, or even more. Sometimes people in a higher position, they are more cautious about telling what they do. Because they think they have a… name to keep. But being vegan is precious. It’s glorious. Should be open to everyone to follow, you know, good example.

If you are in a leading position, more so you have to tell when you do good things. Being vegan is compassionate. It’s environmentally friendly, and it’s wise, it’s healthy, it’s an intelligent choice. According to research, any intelligent people are vegetarian or vegan. So just join the club. I don’t know why people are hiding. They should come out and tell that they are vegan. Anyone. Soon!

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