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La fe es la madre de todas las virtudes. Parte 4 de 7.



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Of course, I knew that they had to practice, but that film made me realize it deeper, their talent and their hard work behind their fame, behind the enjoyment that they offer to us. And I really feel so much, so much respect and sympathy for the artists of all kinds, not just her.

Anyway, so I went to this multi-millionaire, billionaire or something... Must be a billionaire because the yacht is already at least 50 million dollars, minimum. Any normal yacht sometimes costs 30 million or 50, or 100 million, you name it. It depends on the size and the equipment and the decoration inside. Now, I saw one of these Excaliburs parked right in front of his yacht. I said, “Oh! You also have an Excalibur?” But it was not a beautiful one – a brown color, brown, all brown color, or brown or blue, something like that. It was not so elegant and so bright, enchanting like the one I had. I said, “Oh! You also have an Excalibur?” He said, “Yeah, yeah.” I said, “You drive?” “Um…” He “um um,” then he said, “Yeah, I drive.” And then the girlfriend said, “When did you drive?” Because before that, I was saying something about a movie I saw. I told a story. I said, “Wow! There was a film that I saw,” a Spanish film or something, not necessarily speaking Spanish. It’s just about some maybe Italian or Latina opera singer. A beautiful young lady, very famous, had a beautiful voice and she was in love with an elderly man. He was about maybe 50-something and she was in her prime, about twenty two, three, four, something like that. Of course, opera singers, they’re trained from a young age already, so they are famous since they are maybe teenagers already. They don’t pick you when you are like me, like 30. So, she is still very young and very famous, and he is a very rich tycoon. It’s a real romance, not like she loved him because he’s rich. No! Because she is also very rich and famous also, but they are really in love. There are some jealous scenes and all that stuff that’s in that to show you that they are really in love, not just a fancy or maybe a toy story, or something like that. So, we were talking, maybe in the restaurant, and I told them I just saw this movie, and it touched me very much, because this was really love. And mostly, people would say if a young girl is in love with an old man, a rich man, they would blemish her. They would blemish their relationship somehow, gossiping and saying, “Oh, she liked him because he’s rich.” But this was a real love, I could see that. They had chemistry; even in the acting, you could feel it was real. And she… And then, they also showed us a scene that she was playing piano, while she was practicing her role at home. So, they are really talented. They have to practice at home with their own music accompaniment. Just by the way, I’m telling you my feelings. You know my calendar. When I saw that film, I was very touched. Because I, just like many people, most people, thought that singers or actresses, they are just like that. Somehow, they’re just born and they come out singing. But they practice like eight hours a day. And she practiced with her own piano, with herself playing the music. And she was so beautiful and talented, but had to practice like that. Because we don’t know how much hard work they do behind the scenes. We just go to a theater and we see, “Oh la la la!” And then we say, “Wow! What a nice movie I have seen” or “What a nice opera I have enjoyed.” We don’t know how much they’ve worked behind it. So, that film showed me also some knowledge. Of course, I knew that they had to practice, but that film made me realize it deeper, their talent and their hard work behind their fame, behind the enjoyment that they offer to us. And I really feel so much, so much respect and sympathy for the artists of all kinds, not just her. I don’t remember the whole film. I just say some main points to lead it to the other point. So, I said to them, “Wow, I saw that movie today.” I mean, maybe on television. In the hotel, they also had television. You see, you have free everything: free radio, free television, free kitchen in my room, in my studio. And they put a kettle for you, pots and pans, and cutlery, everything. You don’t have to do anything. Just bring your suitcase there and live. And so cheap! In Monaco, you pay only three thousand, six or eight hundred per month, with all the facilities and room service. Anytime you’re hungry at night, you can have. Anytime you’re thirsty, you go down, they have the bar. They mix all kinds of things that you want. They have all kinds of juice. Even in your house, you don’t have as many juices as they have there. So, it’s very convenient. I wish I could live in a hotel forever, then I wouldn’t need anybody.

So, I said, “Wow, I watched that film today.” Because we had not much to talk about. I didn’t know the people, the people didn’t know me, and they were all sitting there. You know how rich and famous people sit, so serious, so I had to break the ice somehow. I told, “Wow! I saw this movie, very touching.” So, they said, “What is it?” So, I said, “I don’t know the title actually.” Because I jumped in the middle of the movie, I didn’t see the whole thing. I just went down somewhere or just came home – I forget, too long ago – and saw the middle of it. But it said everything. You see the end and you know the story anyway. And then, I think he was, I don’t know, I can’t remember, but maybe he was married also. That’s why he did not marry her or something like that. It has a little twist inside, not just a simple love story. Anyway, it’s not the point. Not the point whether he’s married or not, don’t care. So, I was very touched, I said, “Wow! I did not think…” Mostly people would say that if a young girl hung around or had a relationship with an old man, then we would think that she is for his money. But this film proved the opposite. It’s a true story. I don't remember the name of the character. It’s a true story. And this man, he was rich, but she was also rich, and famous, and beautiful and young, so young, and she was really in love with him. And he was also in love with her. I told them before, I thought I could never be in love with an old man like that, so old. I was old already, but I pretended like I was still young. “She was so in love with him, but I think I understand why.” I was telling them like this. “He is old, but he is still very distinguished looking, and very caring, very warm, also handsome for his age. He’s gray haired but very good-looking, very dignified. And he even drives his car, his own car. He did not even need a driver, he drove all the time to go to see her, or get her to see movies with him, or to go out with him. I think maybe I will rethink my concept. Maybe I could fall in love with a man like that at that age.” Because I said, before, I had a preconceived prejudice against old men. I thought, “Wow, how can any young girl be in love with an old man with wrinkles all over. But this man is different.” I said, “I could fall in love with a man like that.” Of course, he was a movie star. Even if he was not good looking, they groomed him, and made him look good. It’s different. Beautiful clothes and they would teach him how to walk, and all that, also. Yeah! As a movie star, you have to know how to walk in your role. If you’re an old woman, playing old, then you have to walk bending. But you have to walk the way rich people do, and he's a very good-looking guy, so he walked very elegantly. So, I said, “I could, I think. I think now, I don't think like that anymore. I don't think that I could never fall in love with an old man.” I had to talk their talk. I could not talk like, “Hey, be veg, go green, save the planet!” When I am outside, I'm not veg, not green, not save the planet. I'm just vegan, that’s all. I don't preach to anyone. I'm so glad that they don't know who I am, so I can mingle with people, and know their hearts, know how they live their lives, know what the humans are thinking, and if you want to talk to them, how you do it. If I ever go out preaching again, to which class I would tell what. But actually, also, even no motive sometimes, I just talk to them. So, I just talked like normal people. I talked about movies, I talked about good food and good cars, what car was my favorite. I don't have any, but I just picked the most favorite car of everybody, the way they would like it, and I said, “Wow, that car, of course, that’s top. I would like to have that car.” Then, so when I saw that Excalibur, I said, “Wow! I also have one. You have an Excalibur. I have one, but mine is cream, yours is…” It was blue I think, blue or brown. Who cares? It was not a beautiful color. Sorry, sorry, sorry. If you hear this sorry, I tell the truth. I said, “Whoa! You still drive it?” He hesitated and he said, “Yeah. I can drive.” And then, the next few days, he drove. He drove all the way to somewhere in Italy and came back, so he could tell me he did, all by himself. Because I said, “Oh, that man, he even drove his own car.” You know, the rich guy. That day, he said he drove. So, she, the girlfriend, I remembered she said, “You drive? When?” “Uh… I can. I had planned to drive tomorrow or the next day.” Something like that. He did.

Then we went inside his yacht, and they served drinks and all this stuff, snacks. And we got talking. I don't know what we were talking about. I guess nothing important to tell you. And not “be veg, go green” for sure. Then he said that his leg, the under part of the leg near the ankle had some problem. And I said, “Well, you did not massage?” He said, “Yes, but it didn't work.” Or… He kept telling me about his leg problem, so I bent down to have a look. I dropped some of my things, and then I bent even further to look for my things. Maybe something dropped out of my purse or something. So, the girlfriend said, “You are on Your knees already?” I said, “What do you mean?” So, she didn't say any further. And then after a while, she said, “You even have the same cars. Destiny!” That's what she said. I said, “Destiny what?” I did not understand what she was saying. And after, I understood, of course. I think she worried I said the story about love with a man of 50-year-old-something, so she worried that I was hinting. My God! God forbid! He was very far removed from that movie star that I saw. I did not mean that he was bad looking or anything. It was so different. I never thought in this direction, and he had a girlfriend next to him. Or at that time, I didn't know that she was his girlfriend anyway. But I didn't have this kind of thinking in my mind. I just made a conversation using the film. That’s all. And, by the way, maybe comforting him subtly that he was OK, don't worry, not too old, things like that. I mean, subconsciously. And then she said, “Destiny.” And I said, “What? Destiny what?” OK, never mind, and then dropped it; nothing further. Then we talked, talked; next time, went to eat again, and blah, blah, blah.

And from then, he kept coming to my hotel every day, more than once. He never exercised before; now he went there because there was an exercise gym over there, there was a swimming pool over there, and there was a massage parlor, a sauna, whatever he named it. He had a membership now. After that day, he went and applied for a membership, going to my hotel all the time, and sat where I used to sit, at the bar. Normally, I sat there alone and read a book, or something. From then, every time, if I sat there and they came, then I would have company. And then, OK, I didn't mind, whatever. I also was alone and nothing much to do. We talked, talked, and drank, drank. He had very much respect for me, even though they didn't know who I was or anything. And I always called him “sir.” I didn’t say, “Hey, you! Hey you, rich and famous people.” I addressed him as “sir,” so he liked that very much. And he said to people, he said, “I like the way She calls me ‘sir.’” I guess nobody called him “sir” for a long time, except his workers on the yacht. And of course, he invited me to his apartment and all that. And then he gave me some gifts from the shop of his brother in London. That shop is very famous; big, posh. Only rich people, most rich people go there to buy. I don't want to mention it either, because it’s also connected with some royalty. Also, I don't want to talk about people when they're not here, and maybe they don’t like to. But you know. And now, we come to the two handsome bodyguards of mine. Guard bodies. And then, of course, he kept inviting me like that. And one day, his girlfriend left to go back to England, for some reason I don’t know, and he wanted to see my house. At that time, long after, I had a house. You went there to group meditation one day – the house. I had the cave nearby – France. OK then. And then he wanted to come and see my house; OK, I invited him. At that time, just newly bought. Not much stuff there; some very old-fashioned TV, not the flat screen, but the big, bulky one. I don’t know where I got it. So thick like this, like a box. I still had it. And he said, “You… have this stuff?” I said, “Yeah. I don’t know how it got here, but I have this stuff. It’s still working. I’ll show you.” It worked. Fine! And then, I mixed some (non-alcoholic) drinks for him. I had some attendants, some of your brothers, some Europeans. At that time, I did not have those two handsome bodyguards yet. Just other ones, from England and from Hungary, or France, like that. But I mixed the (non-alcoholic) drink myself, some (non-alcoholic) drink that they made. It tastes like it’s made from this mint, a blue color. They call it maybe (non-alcoholic) Blue Curacao or something like that. I am not sure if you have it somewhere. They have them in those big bars, where they mix cocktails. They have all kinds of things like that. But normally, you don’t find it in other bars. I poured some of that because it was summertime. So, that’s a very cool drink. And he also said, “You drink that stuff?” I said, “Yeah, I drink that stuff.” And then I put some candle on. He said, “You like this stuff?” I said, “Yeah.” What’s wrong with lighting a candle? He looked at everything, “You have this stuff, that stuff, this stuff, that stuff?” I said, “Yeah, this is the stuff I have.”

One time, I was invited to a prince’s party. The prince was there. At that time, he was… I don’t know, or he was already the king or not? I forget. Because I come and go, sometimes I forget. So, I was invited to that night party. I was alone. And then the women around me always asked me, “You don’t have any man?” I said, “No.” “You know, here You can. You can look for...” They worried so much about me, every one of them – all the women, the older, younger. Mostly older, I don’t know why. Some young ones there too, at that party, but mostly it was like a gratitude party or something. It was an honoring party. I was there and everybody took care of me so well, hoping I’d get a boyfriend tonight! So, I went there, not alone. I went with one of the hotel receptionists. Her boyfriend was a doctor, my doctor. One time, I was sick. That’s another time. Every time I was sick, I seemed to go to that hotel. Anyway, I don’t know how I got invited there, I forget. It’s a long story. And I went with them. I got an invitation, so I went with them, but of course, I sat alone. And then one time, the doctor, the boyfriend of my hotel receptionist... She went there, but she was also like a host or something, even though she worked at the reception, concierge in my hotel. Maybe because of her, I got invited there, because I was very kind to the hotel staff and gave tips or something, and gave a donation anonymously to some of the old people’s club who needed wheelchairs, or needed a bus to go. I donated something, but without any name. And maybe because of that, they knew I was good, so they invited me there. But of course, the prince had to stamp, of course. It cannot be, you just go there without anything, because of security also.

And then one time, after a while, eating, drinking already, and the doctor, my doctor, he came over to me and he asked something, like, “How are You? Are You better now?” Things like that. I might’ve said something big like, “I’m OK, thank you. How about you?” Some romantic stuff like that. And then he said something; somehow, he took me by the hand and brought me to the other corner of the party. I don’t remember for what reason. Maybe to see his girlfriend there or something, I can’t remember. And then he brought me back. Of course, the French people, or Monaco or Italian, they are very gallant. They take you by your hand just like you are a girlfriend or a very dear friend. They don’t just, “Come, follow me” stuff, like some of the people I know. They’re very polite, very gallant. So, he took me back to my seat, pulled out my seat for me and seated me back there very caringly. He’s a doctor, of course he’s trained to treat his patients also nicely, fragilely. These women around me did not know anything. “Oh, You have found a fiancé? So quick!” Even if I’d found a friend or a boyfriend maybe but, “You have found Yourself a fiancé!” I really didn’t know what to say. I said, “No, no. He’s my doc. Ah no, he’s my doctor!” They said, “Your dog?” The Americans, I always hear them say, “Hey, doc!” So, I said “doc,” meaning the doctor. I said, “No, he's my doc, private doc.” “Your dog?!" French, old lady of Monaco, “Your dog? What do You mean Your dog? What do You mean Your dog?” I said, “No, Doctor, doctor, doctor. Sick, doctor, patient.” Trying very hard. And, “Oh! OK, OK.” They were so happy, genuinely happy that I’d found a fiancé instantly. Just walked two steps, came back, there’s a fiancé already! My God! Even miracles take longer than that! I'm telling you! Many stories of my life you won’t believe it. If she could say, “You’ve found Yourself a new friend, or boyfriend, or maybe even future fiancé,” OK. “You’ve found Yourself a fiancé!" In broken English, but told me directly like that. I'm telling you, if it's true, I’d invite all of you to Monaco and we wouldn’t need to work anymore. The Supreme Master TV would run forever. We’d never worry about financial problems. We could hire all the best professionals in the world. The money would run forever. I wouldn’t have to work anymore. Oh man! The doctor in Monaco, he's not a normal doctor also. I don't know why they didn’t know it. He's one of the top ten or twelve of the councils in Monaco. They have only ten or twelve of them. They take turns to be the mayor, a top government person.

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