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Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj (vegetarian): Attaining Union with God, Part 2 of 3

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In 1924, at the Ashram on the banks of the Beas River, Sant Kirpal Singh Ji met Baba Sawan Singh Ji. Immediately, He knew that He had finally met His beloved Master, the One that had constantly appeared to Him in radiant form during His meditations. Hazur Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji gave Sant Kirpal Singh Ji the sacred initiation into the spiritual discipline of Surat Shabd Yoga. At last, Sant Kirpal Singh Ji received the answers to His burning questions about the mysteries of life. He said: “God came into expression from the wordless state as Light and Sound: ‘The Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us.’” Henceforth, Sant Kirpal Singh Ji devoted Himself entirely to His Master and reaching the summits of spirituality. As directed by Baba Sawan Singh Ji, He made sure to meditate six hours daily, on top of His worldly duties as a husband, father, and government employee. He was a true disciple, and if people asked Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj had a disciple who made great spiritual progress, the Master would cite Sant Kirpal Singh Ji. In the 1930s, with His Master’s guidance, Sant Kirpal Singh Ji began transcribing the “Philosophy of the Masters,” a treatise on the science of spirituality originally written in Punjabi. On October 12, 1947, Baba Sawan Singh Ji conferred the task of Naam initiation (transmission of the inner Light and Sound current) to Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, entrusting Him with the sacred work of continuing His Master’s spiritual mission after He passed from the Earthly realm. The following year in April, Sant Kirpal Singh Ji’s compassionate Master, Baba Sawan Singh Ji, ended His sojourn on Earth. He shared His last moments with Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, transferring His Master Power to His Disciple through His eyes. “Hazur steadily kept gazing for three or four minutes into my eyes, and my eyes, in silent wonderment, experienced an indescribable delight which infused a beverage-like intoxication down to the remotest cores of my entire body – such as was never before experienced in my whole life.”
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