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The End of Animal Husbandry, Part 2 of 2



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Around the world, more and more livestock farmers are realizing the need for change. Many have stopped raising animals for slaughter, transitioning to a more compassionate, noble livelihood. In Sweden, Mr. Adam Arnesson was formerly a goat farmer. After learning that livestock animal raising is one of the major contributors to global warming, Mr. Arnesson decided that he needed to make a change. He researched his options, stopped raising goats, and is now growing organic oats instead. His crops are in high demand, and he sells them mainly to Oatley, a company that manufactures delicious oat-based milks and frozen desserts. In Schoharie, New York, USA we meet Mr. Bob Comis, a former hog farmer. While raising pigs, he had prided himself on being a “humane” farmer, because he kept his animals outside in a natural environment. But he gradually realized the truth, and said, “Behind the shroud, I am a slaveholder and a murderer.” After this self-realization, he stopped raising pigs, and now manages a large vegetable farm, where he grows everything from beets and squash to beans and potatoes. His transformation has been documented in the award-winning film, “The Last Pig.”For many years, Supreme Master Ching Hai has promoted the plant-based lifestyle, which contributes to improved health, decreases environmental damage, and is more compassionate toward our animal co-inhabitants. “Truly, the new opportunities for the food industry, consumers, and governments are bright. There are many stories of success from people who joined the vegan food industry, as well as farmers who switched from livestock raising to organic vegan farming. It’s high time that we advance to better ways as a society, a nobler way as a society. And governments could use their subsidies for people’s greatest benefit by supporting the Earth-saving, organic vegan farming practices and promoting a healthy, sustainable, resource-efficient food industry. Even without the ‘civilization busters’ threatening our planet’s survival, an organic vegan diet would immensely improve the quality of our lives; spiritually also. It can curb the water and food crises and restore nature’s life-support systems. It also happens to be the most rapid, cost-effective, and only feasible climate solution, one that every nation can easily implement. In sum, only with the organic vegan solution can we still save our planet.”
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