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Vegan Heroes - Father’s Day Celebration, Part 2 of 6



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The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it.” The best father is the one who guides his children towards God. Today, we’ve specially invited a few good fathers who were initiated by Master to practice the Quan Yin Method during Her early days in Taiwan (Formosa). Please come on the stage and receive our special praise. Next, we’re going to present the Vegans R Heroes caps newly designed by Supreme Master Ching Hai. The six fathers on the stage have followed Supreme Master Ching Hai in practicing the Quan Yin Method, and been vegan for 33 years. They are exemplary vegan heroes. “I have spent more than 30 years following Master to practice the Quan Yin Method after initiation. I feel infinite gratitude and awe. It’s said that in this world, to meet a perfect and enlightened Master from the Fifth Realm is a chance in billions of kalpas. But to meet the highest God in the universe, it is billions times more difficult. People have to practice for innumerable eons to reach the 5th level. However, now we realize that the 5th level is just a transit station for us. On the 11th Level, Master has created a new paradise for us, waiting for us to go there. Besides, at the New Year, Master said with tears that She wants every soul to come Home. She would wait for each of us to come Home. Her words were full of expectation. There is so much love and hope. Therefore, on June 16, Father’s Day today, to whom should we show our gratitude and respect? Of course, it is our highest and kindest Father in the whole universe, the most beloved and respected Lord of all worlds, Tim Qo Tu, our Supreme Master Ching Hai.” Next is a cappella by our Association members from Seoul, Korea. A cappella is heard without instrumental accompaniment. Unaccompanied, they listen to each other, support each other, and harmonize their voices together. Let’s welcome this special performance with a warm round of applause. “The Vegan Lion Sleeps Tonight.”
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