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Chef’s Choice Foods - The Vegan Food Company in Thailand, Part 1 of 2

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As the world becomes vegan, more and more companies are participating in this noble movement. A myriad of new products is being created each day, helping to make the transition to the compassionate lifestyle much easier. One such company is Chef’s Choice Foods. Chef’s Choice Foods was the first company to introduce to the world the famous Thai coconut milk, by canning it. It eventually became a world leader in creating some of the most amazing dairy-free products, enabling people to bring vegan cuisine to the next level, from savory to sweets. Now they produce around 120 vegan products, which are exported to more than 60 countries. The journey of this company traces back to when merchants sold their coconuts on the Chao Praya River. The Osonphasop family played a big role in bringing this amazing Thai taste to the world, in a canned form. Sonya and Marisa Osonphasop, who are also the daughters of Chusak Osonphasop, the former Managing Director of Chef’s Choice Foods, will tell us more about the company and their wonderful products. “In 1978, we sent out the first lot of canned coconut milk from Thailand. We were the first company in Thailand. After that, we started to develop the products further and had canned fruits and vegetables and sauces, all the Thai sauces and pastes and condiments. In 1996, Dad heard about Supreme Master Ching Hai and he became a disciple. At that time, he instantly changed the production line, so everything was vegetarian. Then later, in 2008, Master encouraged all the disciples to become vegan. At that time, Dad found that there was lots of Thai curry paste but none of them were vegan. So, he took the time to develop a very nice tasting curry paste and it’s totally vegan.” Sonya and Marisa, both vegans, have since developed a large variety of other vegan products that they launched under a new brand called Nature’s Charm. Many thanks, Sonya and Marisa, for introducing your company to us and the variety of amazing products you have created. How wonderful to know one can enjoy great tasting food, while at the same time know that no other beings on the planet have had to suffer for it.
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