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From the Sacred Texts of Hòa Hảo Buddhism: "The Master’s Loving Instructions" and "Teaching the Tao to Save People"

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Today we present excerpts of the teachings of Prophet Huỳnh Phú Số. “Later, I will be absent for a long time. Then when the people die en masse that they can’t be buried fast enough, I will come back. Whomever I sprinkle the water on will be healed. This is the time I save my disciples and followers. After that, I will be absent for 10 days, so that they may pay their karma. At that time, the sky will be very dark. Water will rise up to these two hemp trees. At that time, Manjushri Bodhisattva will come down to save the people. After the flood, Heaven will send fire to purify the world, which will burn three feet into the Earth’s surface, turning it all red as brick. After the Kali Yuga ends, God and Buddha will use miracles to re-establish the Golden Age. At that time, the true practitioners will have: The compassionate Manjushri Bodhisattva, Rowing the Wisdom boat to save the drowning. Royal boat sails smoothly in the wind, Picking up the practitioners who will enjoy glory and honor.” “My duty is to teach the Tao to save people, not to cure sickness. But people do not understand and keep asking me for medicine, thus I had to reluctantly use some leaves and cold water to help them, so that they had a chance to be near me and listen to the Dharma, and then practice spiritually to escape suffering. However, later on, the sick will be so many, that no doctor can save them fast enough.”
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