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Between Master and Disciples / The Life of Lord Mahavira

The Life of Lord Mahavira: Deadly Torture by Sangam, Part 2 of 4, Aug. 18, 2019

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“I’m just telling you, so that you know why Lord Mahavira suffered, Buddha suffered, the Saints suffer. Or it seems like They do things that are not befitting the great enlightened person. They had to, because of the contract. The greater the number of your disciples, the bigger the contract that you have to sign before you come down.” “Let’s go. This story is titled ‘Deadly Torture by Sangam.’ ‘One day Shraman Mahavira was doing a special one-night meditation in the Polash temple in Pedhal garden. Indra exclaimed in Heaven, “You are great, Prabhu Vardhaman! Today you have no equal as an ascetic and serene, brave and equanimous spiritualist.” A God named Sangam was peeved at this praise of a mortal being. So, this little god came down to Earth, he created twenty almost fatal predicaments to disturb Mahavira’s meditation. He created a terrible sandstorm. In no time, Mahavira was submerged in a heap of sand. Mahavira, in His unshakable determination, did not even close His eyes.” “Please try to spread the good news for everyone. Teach your kids. Begin from your family on, teach your children to be good, to be vegan. And share your knowledge or whatever you know, share Supreme Master TV to other friends, neighbors, whomever you know, your colleagues and all that. The best job is to spread the Truth and the veganism to help the world to have peace. And to help the animals not to suffer at all, except in a natural course of their lives.”
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