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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 80 - Zoroastrian Prophecies about Saoshyant, Earth's Final Savior

Language:Persian (Farsi)(ففارسی)
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In particular, from the writings of the 9th century Zoroastrian scholar Zadspram, we were able to determine that the Saoshyant could only be one exceptional Being who is with us today: Supreme Master Ching Hai. As Zadspram’s Anthology states, at the time of Earth’s renovation, Saoyshant and His Divine assistants would command humans to turn away from the “grievous sin” of “slaughtering varying kinds of livestock animals” This is exactly Supreme Master Ching Hai’s urgent message for humanity today, that we must have a violence-free world. It is not just a message, however; it is an ambitious goal and a plan that She fully intends to realize. “And every Sunday from now, we will pray together, and meditate together for World Vegan at the same time, for thirty minutes.” Indeed, the prophecy goes on to affirm that the Savior’s efforts are bound to succeed. “And the powerful collective, positive and loving power of the whole world will repel darkness that is coming towards us, that is facing us right now.” “And the principal kinds of plants will be restored, and there will be no diminution of them, but every place will be like the spring, resembling a garden in which there are all kinds of plants and flowers; and with the wisdom of this world, it is not possible to comprehend and know its wondrousness and worthiness and pleasantness and purity.”
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