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Between Master and Disciples

Four Types of Beings in Our Life, Part 6 of 6 July 14, 2019

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Because mostly, you love your enemy. That’s the way it’s arranged in this world, so that you will equalize the hatred that you had with each other formerly. That’s how it goes. Life has to be about love.

I wanted to tell you that because not only American husbands, but other people, other countries’ husbands, they’re also very loyal to their wives. And I’m very, very happy about that. In Spain, for example… That is from Scotland or England. In Spain also, whenever I talk to some men for anything… I normally don’t go anywhere, meet any man. It’s just when maybe in the restaurant, to the waiter, or the taxi, or the shop, or some people who worked in my house to repair things, they always talked very highly about their wives. Always my wife this, my wife that, my wife here, my wife there – seemed very respectful and endearing. And I was very happy.

So, if any of you women complain about your husband, I think you should also introspect your style, your lifestyle; whether or not you cook too casually, and you do not put enough love in there, or not enough care to please your husband’s palate; whether or not you listen to his complaints or his requirements for some small things; or you are too bossy. You take care of all the small things, like who should be the next president, and you give him big things, like where do we go shopping next morning. And whether or not you take care about his feelings; just by the way. Whether or not you still respect and love him, or trying at least.

Whatever it is, I think you’ve got the upper hand at home, because you put all the men at home to take care of the children and household, and you are here, all of you, the women. And these are the brave and rare escapists that could be in front of my face every Sunday, and they take turns even. I don’t see the same men every weekend, but I see the same women all the time. Please be merciful. We’re Quan Yin practitioners. We have also compassion and fairness. Let him also have a chance to see his Master. I don’t want to talk about that again. I know what you do at home. Don’t have to tell me. I know everything. Master knows everything. It’s good.

Women mostly have more common sense, that I understand. But common sense does not always mean intelligence or wisdom. You must have love and wisdom as well. To be right all the time is not good for you, for your love relationship. You have to be also sometimes feminine, sometimes very cooperative. And let your husband also be right sometimes, in some small matter. Let him feel like a man. And don’t use all those excuses to say, “You don’t know anything anyway. You stay home. I go listen to Master.” Don’t use all his shortcomings to make advantage for you to do anything you want, or go anywhere you want and neglecting his feelings and his privileges and his rights; especially spiritual. Got that? (Yes!) You say “yes,” but behind me, you do “no.” I don’t know. Let other people practice, also is meritorious for you.

That man really, he was just focused on talking to his wife. Even his wife talked to me and then because it concerned both, so he turned around a second and said, “Yeah, yeah,” like that. And then he turned back to her again. You imagine? Such a beautiful chick like me, young and beautiful and he didn’t care. And his wife was already older, just like you, maybe like me now, but that was ten years ago. I was still pretty; just joking with you. What I mean is, in the restaurant, there were also many other people, but he just focused on his wife, talking to her about what. I didn’t really listen, but I mean, things that were not really important, just only both of them interested in. So maybe after that, she’ll look at him with different eyes. She will have more respect and love for him, which is good for both of them. If you love your husband and respect your husband, also good for you, because he’s happy. And he’s happy, he will make you happy too, and happy atmosphere. What for you always have to be right? If not necessary, there’re many ways to be right. It doesn’t have to always be so rough.

There was a story about a couple. Their neighbor, the two neighbors were going together on a pilgrim somewhere and they talked about their neighbors, a couple, behind their backs, of course. One of the pilgrims, one of the men said to the other man, he said, “You know what? My neighbors, they never argue. Never! The husband and wife are always very harmonious together, peaceful. My God! I wish my marriage life was also like that.” And he asked, “How about you?” You know, how about the other guy. He said, “Oh, you know, marriage is always like that. I don’t believe what you told me about the neighbors couple who never argue. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe you.” He said, “OK. After this, we come back to my village. I’ll invite you to my house and then you stay there a while longer, and then we’ll go visit the neighbors, and then you will believe me, that such a couple in perfect unison and harmony exists.” OK. Fine. After the pilgrimage, they came back and then, of course, they went to visit the neighbor’s house.

And then the neighbor asked the husband about their marriage, the neighbor’s husband, the good couple’s husband about their marriage, how they managed to stay all these years without even one harsh word or one disagreement. He said, “Very easy. We are just like that.” So, the friend, the visitor said, “What do you mean like that? Can you tell us an example?” He said, “Well, not really. I don’t really have an example, because we just live on every day, and we don’t even think about anything, and we just live like that.” So, he said, “OK, OK.” And the neighbor who introduced, was not happy because the visitor did not believe him. So, he said, “You stay here longer with me and then we will find out. Maybe this couple, they’re just too natural or too shy or they don’t even think that they are in harmony, because they are always like that. So, you stay longer.”

And after a while, they saw the husband going out to do something. They have a little hen “cuckookoo,” the chicken, but who doesn’t coo in the morning. So, they think maybe they need a new pot in the house. They could do with an extra pot. So, they talked to each other. The wife said they should go and sell this hen and then buy a pot. The husband OK’ed immediately, no argument. So, he took the hen, went outside… But then, on the road, there’s somebody else who wanted to sell him something in exchange for the hen, so the husband bought that. Maybe bought a little dog or something and brought it home. And the wife also said, “Ah! This is very good! Good idea! You bought a dog. Now we have a little company. I didn’t really need that extra pot anyway. I don’t know why I talked about that.” OK, good. And then later, later on, the dog made a lot of noise. Puppy, peed and pooed all over the house, made noise, so the wife said, “Oh, maybe we should exchange it for something else. You take him out and see who wants something else.”

I made up the story along, but it’s based on the original story. I forgot what it was that he exchanged the chicken for.

So, the husband took the dog. Of course, these two, the neighbor and the visitor followed them, just spied, quietly to spy, to see what he’s doing, and then followed him back home to see what the wife’s reaction was. So, then the husband took the dog out, and then somebody wanted that dog, it’s so cute, so exchanged it for maybe a pig or a smaller pig. It’s all right. So, the husband did not buy the pot anymore, and still took a pig instead, brought the pig home, and the wife said, “Oh, wonderful! How did you know? How do you know to do things? A pig is good for us. It brings luck. Very good, very good!” And so, the pig stayed. And then later, the pig also went all over the house, because they didn’t have a room, didn’t have a place for the pig, and they made a place, but the pig escaped and all that, so too much trouble. And the wife didn’t know how to feed the pig; never fed a pig before. So, she said, “Never mind, I think we still need to buy a pot instead of a pig. The pot we can use, and we don’t have to take care, and don’t need extra food for the pot. You know, the pig eats a lot.”

So, OK. The husband took the pig outside, and went all over, and then exchanged for this and that, always the wife said, “OK! Good, good, good!” And later had to change. Finally, the husband took the last item, whatever that was. You imagine, whatever you say, it’s fine with me. Outside, and then on the road, he saw a man who was carrying a hen. That was his hen before! All the while, it’s still here. He said, “Oh, what are you doing with the hen?” He said, “Well, I bought it for my kid, but he didn’t like it, so I went out to see if anybody wants to exchange it for something.” He said, “Oh, good, good! OK. I have this. Do you want to exchange?” And he said, “Yeah! This is just what I wanted.” I don’t know what then? What else can we have? Maybe a little rabbit or something. “Yeah, I like. My kid would like that. OK. How about we swap it?” So then, the husband took the hen back home, and the other guy took the rabbit. When the husband came home, the wife exclaimed, “Wow! Nice to see the hen again! My God, I missed you! You’re really a good husband. You know what your wife wanted really, so thank you so much!” So, everything ended happily. So now, the neighbor and the visitor came back home and discussed it. He said, “You lose ten dollars.” They bet. “Now, give it to me. You see they never argue. See that?”

This is the kind of relationship, it’s like best friends, best buddies, but hard to find. Even my so-called disciples argue with me all the time, many times. Not all of them, and not one person all the time, but they don’t argue maybe, but they do opposite things and all that. It causes some chaos and some confusion and trouble, and delays and timing lost and all that stuff.

So, very difficult to find such a relationship in our world. But still, you try your best, because if your house is not peaceful, it’s difficult to find peace of mind. Because you face it; when you sit in meditation, you’re always thinking, “What did he say? Why did he say that to me? He should have apologized! I will make him apologize after I meditate, after I finish this session. God. One and a half more hours, I will let him know who is right.” For example. They’re always in your mind and you go nowhere.

Peaceful solution is always the best. Even if you lose face or something, who cares? So, even if it’s your enemy, you just bear with it, because mostly, you love your enemy. That’s the way it’s arranged in this world, so that you will equalize the hatred that you had with each other formerly. That’s how it goes. Life has to be about love. So, if your husband, wife, kids happen to be your enemy and you know it for sure, well, just too bad. Just try to live on with it, until maybe next life, if you come back. I don’t wish you to come back but maybe you have to. If you don’t long enough to go Home, then this is where you stay. All right then. Time to go.

OK, comrades. I’m leaving to have some food. If I invite someone else, you just take it as if I invited you, OK? (OK.) Just be happy. (OK.) Thank you. I said if I invite someone else, you just be happy as if it’s you. Then you’ll also have the same feeling, without food.

Girls are too smart. Your husband can’t win argument with you, right? They can’t win argument with you. "Master is so beautiful." Thank you. You’re beautiful. I’m old, where is the beauty? I make up a little bit just for the videos, to be shown on TV. I am also a model to sell the clothes. Wearing loose clothes is better for meditation. Isn’t it? (Yes.) You can also wear it at home. It’s more comfortable to wear loose clothes when you meditate. It’s better for blood circulation, and it looks nice too, in case you have a fat bottom, or stout legs.

Are you all Taiwanese (Formosan)? (Yes.) The locals. Well, you see me very often, so no need to envy them, OK? (OK.) I’m going to eat now. I haven’t even eaten yet.

Nevertheless, you girls come a lot; it’s also a kind of compliment and glory to me, because usually girls are jealous with each other. Isn’t it? If a girl becomes famous, we won’t like it very much. Girls are more intuitive. So, you understand better what I say, maybe a little more than boys. So, since many girls follow me, it means I am great. Nobody praises me, so I praise myself. What to do?

Before, in the time of enlightened Master Krishna, many girls followed Him at that time. He was surrounded mostly by girls. His attendants were girls, His companions were also girls. It was said that Krishna was very good-looking and attractive. You could tell from His photos. So, every time, when there was a chance to see Him, the news was spread by word of mouth, because there was no telephone at the time. So, they passed the words to one another. As it was too rushed, sometimes, the lipstick ended up here. The eyebrows or eyeliners were all messed up. Maybe at that time, not everyone could have a mirror. So, they did their makeup in a messy way. And Krishna would laugh whenever He saw that. Maybe they did that on purpose to make their Master laugh. It’s good that you all look neat.

Wow! Everyone has an electric fan. That’s great. You take good care of yourselves. That’s good. I won’t need to worry then. I’m sorry. Because it’s hot and there are so many people here. Can’t afford to squeeze, but still squeeze in. No. I’m glad to see you, too. I’m glad you live so long. "Yes. Master, I love You very much. Please take care of Yourself." I love you too. You also take care. (OK.) Wow, how come your skin is still so shiny? No wrinkles, I can lend you some. You’re still here? I saw many old brothers and sisters who have followed me for thirty years, are still here. OK. Good appetite. (OK.) Bon appétit.

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