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Buddhist Stories: The Layperson Who Offered an Ashram to the Buddha, Part 2 of 8 Aug. 15, 2015

Lecture Language:English  Host Language:Japanese(日本語)
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Now it's Buddha story. In Xá Vệ (Sravasti) country at that time, there was a big official, probably a prime minister. His name is Tu Ðạt (Sudatta). He’s a very rich person, but he is very compassionate. He often gives away his properties, his wealth, to share with other people. It’s not like he’s rich and the prime minister and he’s very arrogant. No. He’s a good, good, good person as well. He often gives things to people who are lonely, or have no one, or are in trouble, or poor. So they called him Cấp Cô Dộc (Anathapindika). Meaning, giving to the vulnerable, the lonesome, to whoever is lonesome, or like widows, and orphans, and elderly who have no one to care for (them). He had seven sons, and six of them were already married. The seventh also was very moral, morally fit and a distinguished person. He was beautiful looking, also. The last one was his favorite. And now one of the Brahman's good friends came one day. "I would like to ask you a favor. Please go and check really thoroughly to see which is a really good family's daughter. Almost equal in status, and good, good, good behavior, good moral standards, truly a virtuous girl. Also have to be clean and pure, and beautiful looking. And then, ask if they'd marry my son for me…."
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