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Between Master and Disciples / The Surangama Sutra

The Surangama Sutra: The Demonic States of the Feeling Skandhas (Continued)-Questions and Answers, Part 7 of 7, Dec. 27, 2018

Lecture Language:Cantonese Chinese(廣東話),English
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That’s why Maya tried to even disrupt me in one of those first days of my first retreat ever since, in Taiwan (Formosa). Suddenly the Supreme Master TV was just blocked out and just noise, just “hooong” like that. Because he does it so discretely, I asked Heaven, “What is that? Who dares to do that?” He said, “Maya.” I said, “Why does he do that?” And They said, “Because You and the Supreme Master TV form the ring of protection everywhere."

Anyone else? (In the Supreme Master TV series of ancient predictions of the Golden Age.) (In the series of Supreme Master Television of the Golden Era.) (Yes, we know that, through different episodes, we can see predictions about Master being the second coming of Jesus. Also, the predictions from Hopis and the ancient traditions.) (In the different episodes, they show the different predictions about Supreme Master and Jesus and other…) (And all the traditions.) (And all the traditions.) (And since Supreme Master TV is a public television, for everyone, not just for disciples, I think…) (Because Supreme Master Television’s a public TV station.) (For everybody.) (For all the world.) (I believe that Master has enough confidence in all human beings who are going to help Her and support Her and who are really going to believe in Master.) (He thinks that You… He trusts You that everybody that watches Supreme Master Television channel will be following and believing in You.) He hopes. OK. (Otherwise, we would not be seeing those episodes, I mean.) (If not, we would not be watching those episodes about the predictions.) If they watch them, they would believe me, right? You hope. (I think Master has enough trust in human beings for them to believe in Master.) (He thinks that You trust in us for us to watch it and believe it. That’s why they show it on Supreme Master Television.) So? So what’s the point? (The point is, that Master, I think in the future Master is going to have much more support than She has now.) (He just thinks that You will have a lot more support than You already have now.) You mean because of the ancient predictions? (Because of Supreme Master TV and everybody watching and believing in Your teachings.) But what’s that got to do with ancient predictions? (Oh. Because there is a series about ancient predictions, so he thinks by watching that,) That one helped? Oh, I see. (it will help. And they also show Your teachings) OK. (along with that.) OK, OK. (And he thinks that…) He hopes. (He hopes.) Yes, yes. OK. (Yeah.)

When Buddha was alive, sometimes, He used His power to fly in the air even, or His disciples flew in the air, went through stones, walked through stones like nothing. And how many people believed in the Buddha? It seems a lot, but not a lot. When Jesus was alive, He brought the dead back to life, He cured the blind, I mean physically. He broke small little seaweed into… He fed 500 people physically, directly, in front of them. How many people believed Him because of that? We just show what we show. Just for education, for interesting programs. It just shows the truth. Whatever we show, it’s just the truth. But it’s not necessarily that people believe in that. If they do, of course, it’s good. It’s a very interesting program, and just shows the truth. And it is very good that… Yeah, I’m also amazed. When I saw the last one, I said, “My God! Where did they find all these predictions?” The staff are amazing. (Yes.) When I saw something about Nostradamus, the last name of the prophet, they even knew that “Nostradamus” turned around, it becomes “Suma.” I said, “My God! They are amazing! They’re such enlightened people and so sincere.” I’m so proud of them. But that doesn’t always translate into any believers. You know people are people. But it’s a very good wish and very positive hope. We will see. OK? (OK, Master.)

Yes, you want to ask? (I have a bit of good news.) Yes. (When we came with the airline, they messed up our vegan meals.) Vegan meal? (And, so, then I explained to the stewardess, I said, “You guys continue to mess this up.” I said, “If you had vegan meals, if you had vegan options instead of vegetarian options, you could feed 100% of the people because 100% of vegetarians will eat vegan.” And he said, “Well, we usually keep ten items here, because of the different religions, different people’s health, and so on.” I said, “If you had an organic, plant-based diet, then you could feed many of the people. For example, it’s Kosher by default, so you don’t have to worry about Jews, and Indians, Muslims. I said, “Because people are travelling, they’re not sitting down for some big cuisine. They just want a meal for travel and go.” And I said, “You’re missing all of this.” And he said, “I’ll tell you what. I’m going to talk to the people.” He said, “In fact, I’ll give it to the CEO.” So, it may turn into something great.) Yeah, good. We can always help people on the way, when we travel.

Yes, you wanted to talk? OK. (Dear Master, I just would like to convey Iranian fellow initiates’ message to You because they can’t come to Taiwan (Formosa). So, they asked me to convey and tell You that they love You.) Oh, yeah. (They long for You, they wish You utmost health, protection, happiness, and success forever and ever.) Please, same to them. OK? (Thank You, Master. God bless You.) Please convey my pure love, all love. (I will, with all my heart.) OK. (Thank You. They’ll be happy.) There’s no (vegan) cakes and candy, nothing here? Oh yeah, some. Can you send to them at all? (I will. I will.) It’s just a little for my love. I don’t know what else to do. Take the whole thing. (Thank You, Master.) And you divide into different packages and send a little bit or put in a box and they share. (Thanks for Your grace, Master.) There are many of them. (Thank You.) All right. Good.

Any more important question or stuff? (No.) (I like what the brother had to say. We need to understand that Supreme Master TV is the medicine for this world today.) OK. (Supreme Master TV is going to spread. And it’s going to be for the universe, for the future. Because everything Master is doing has been documented now. So, have a living Guru, a living spiritual Master documenting.) Who documented? (Supreme Master TV. All about You, Master. All about Your disciples, Master. The more people see, the more people will get. Even having Supreme Master TV just playing on your computer in a room, the energy changes.) Yeah, yeah. (The same way Maya works. The molecular structure of most things in our young people, they hear the same things over and over and over, it’s played at a certain decibel. The same way, Supreme Master TV is counteracting that. It is the medicine for this age. So, wherever you are, wherever you live, if you leave Supreme Master TV on in the corner of your flat, it spreads throughout the whole building.) Yeah, it does. (If you leave it in the whole building, it spreads for five miles. So, Supreme Master TV, what the brother was trying to say, is probably in this age, the medicine for this age.) OK. (So, if everybody actually puts it on, leaves it on,) Yeah. (it doesn’t cost you anything. The same way you leave your laptop on, your iPads on, whatever, if you just have Supreme Master TV playing,) iPhone. (you’re benefiting your neighbors, your animals, every living entity within that five miles.) It does. (Yes.)

It does. I can tell you that. That’s why Maya tried to even disrupt me in one of those first days of my first retreat ever since, in Taiwan (Formosa). Suddenly the Supreme Master TV was just blocked out and just noise, just “hooong” like that. Because he does it so discretely, I asked Heaven, “What is that? Who dares to do that?” He said, “Maya.” I said, “Why does he do that?” And They said, “Because You and the Supreme Master TV form the ring of protection everywhere. He tried to scare You out of it.” I leave very low volume because I meditate. I just leave it on low volume. And then they make it like a big, I mean, in the whole room, it reverberated like a big loud speaker, everywhere in the room, just like that. And then I asked Maya himself, “What are you doing?” And the entity said to me, “Television noisy, too noisy for You. Stop the television.” Understand? (Yes.) Heaven said, “No, he wants to stop the energy, break the protection ring.” Of course, I knew that also, but sometimes the Maya is very tricky. He does things, but he hides his hand. Maybe you’re thinking it’s trouble with your TV; it’s not. Just like he makes a little bird make it trumpeting like an elephant, just to disturb me. “TV is too noisy for You.” Even called me Master and all that, as if he is some very good being or angel or something. “TV is too noisy for Master.” Sometimes, he can disguise, make himself look like he is concerned about me. I know the trick, telling lies and all that. I said, “I have no respect for you. You’re just too much below the dignity, even for Maya.” But sometimes, he cannot hide if I tell him, ask him directly, he has to admit it. First, he said he’s an angel, he’s whatever. I said, “Tell me the truth.” And then he had to tell me it’s Maya. Because he knows I can find out.

Are you guys OK? (Yes.) I don’t really want to leave you also, because you came here only one week, and you’re leaving already. Tomorrow, right? Some of you. Do you have many Indian brothers around you, (I do.) or just you? These are precious for your family and initiates, Indian initiates in your area or send back to India. Just my love, OK? (Thank You.) It’s not much, really. All right? Thank you. Don’t be jealous, be happy. Thank you, love you.

Are you OK, really? OK? (OK. Yes.) I sit here on a comfortable chair and I feel a little cramped, how would you? Really, you are something, aren’t you? (It’s so wonderful to see You this evening and I just want to say thank You so much.) I know, I’m so impressed that you can do that. I’m not sure if I can, truly. It’s OK. It’s just his usual, praising Master all the time; make my ego inflated. Somebody help me with this? Thank you. I want to see you forever, truly like that, because you’re wonderful. (You are too.) I feel good with you guys. But you need to sleep a little bit. Where are you going next? Just stay here and meditate? (Yes, stay here and meditate.) Oh, upstairs and meditate. Stay indoors if you can, wherever, OK? I go and meditate also, myself. (Thank You, Master.) Love you. Take care of the old teacher, OK? Take care of the teacher, the old teacher. Oh, I really am impressed with you. Truly, I’m not saying that to make you happy. I don’t know how you sit all day, all night like this, even just for one week. You’re really creatures of, I don’t know, tough, tough.

I will forever love you, through all the worlds, through all the lovers, through all the beauties that you so adore, through all the beauties that you so adore.

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