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Holy Songs - Blessings of Ireland

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Since ancient times, humans have expressed their love and longing for God through singing and music. These holy songs connect us with the Divine and remind us of our heavenly Home. In a sense, these blessed singers and songwriters are the messengers of God helping deliver sacred messages in all musical genres. Supreme Master Ching Hai once expressed the following praise for these artists:

"The artists are able to emulate the heavenly melodies and the beauties from above and try to express them on Earth as much as they can through their physical instrument and vocal. Because in Heaven, everything is so glorious and beyond imagination full of divine Light and celestial sounds of music. That is what we call the higher vibrations of the universe, which we can hear anytime."

The Irish people are known for hospitality, goodness of heart and love of art. Our talents for music and poetry are reflected in many of our spiritual songs. In today’s show, we are privileged to introduce to you three Irish songs. Our first song is “Be Thou My vision,” an 8th century Irish hymn sung to the music of Irish folk song “Slane.”

Our next song is called “Between the Master and I” sung in Gaelic and English by Katie McMahon, an acclaimed Irish singer at the Loving the Silent Tears concert in 2012 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, USA. The lyrics are based on Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poem of the same title, which expresses the divine loving relationship between a true Enlightened Master and His or Her disciples.

Our last song is based on a famous Irish Blessing for travelers, “May the Road Rise to Meet You.”
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