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Between Master and Disciples

Supreme Master Ching Hai's Journeys to the Higher Regions of the Cosmos, Part 6 of 6, June 16, 2013

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The universe’s stability is not the humans’ doing. For example, the Mother Earth can still exist and still advance to a higher level of consciousness, but humans may not. Because humans also have to change. Of course, when you are nearer to more benevolent beings of a spiritual higher order, then you’re also being more blessed. But it is you who have to use this blessing for a better purpose. Whatever you know is good, do it. Whatever you know is bad, stop it. Pray to God. Remember God.

(Master, You once shared that Mother Earth is a highest Fourth Level being who evolves with the merit that##she earns by being loving and giving, and by protecting all the creatures on this planet. Could we know at what spiritual level Mother Earth is right now?)  She is Fourth, just higher Fourth. And the sun is a Fifth Level being##that you could see all the time. And you could even feel. The moon also, the moon is the Third Level. It’s kind of collective beings up there. It’s kind of collective beings up there that make up the moon. They’re all high Third Level. But the sun is the Fifth Level. It’s a beneficial being. 
Listen, even if the moon is just the Third Level or the Earth is Fourth Level, but we have to be really grateful to them. Scientifically speaking, if the moon were to be out of orbit, then we cannot exist here##on our planet even. Yes. So our Earth cannot exist or cannot have light. You see? So, actually, the moon is also a world saver. And the sun, if the sun were not there, I don’t think we could exist either. So these are also world savers. We also have to thank them all. 
I thank them all the time whenever I remember. When I see the moon, I always say, “Hallo” and “Thank you” and “I love you.” “Thank you so much for helping us, for saving this planet – all this time.” Physically. Physically. The alignment between the sun, moon, and our planet and neighboring planets, they are wonderfully arranged. Wonderful arrangement. Otherwise, life could not exist on Earth here. 
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