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Love at Hsihu—Celebrating Moon Festival with Supreme Master Ching Hai P3/4 October 4, 2017

Language:English ,Mandarin Chinese ,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))


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Moon Festival is the occasion for family members and loved ones to gather together. We are very honored and grateful! The Moon Festival this year, we can enjoy it with our beloved and beautiful Master. We thank you, Master!

The first thing is that fellow initiates worldwide are here to celebrate the Moon Festival with Master. The second good news to celebrate is the relaunch of Supreme Master TV on October 3. Our Earth will be elevated because of this.

The first performance is two songs by Nominjin from Mongolia. The first song is “Life in Rose Color,” dedicated to our eternal love in Heaven. The second song is “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” “(And I believe that it truly represents your love, unconditional love for all beings.)”

Our program will continue with a ballet dancing, entitled “Nobility,” which describes the nobility of Heavenly beings. Next, we will have a Tai Chi performance. By an initiate from USA. The music is by George Winston. The next one is children dancing, “Lantern Parades in August.” It’s performed by the Aulacese (Vietnamese) young boys and girls.

The next song is one of folk songs. It’s performed by brothers and sisters from Bắc-Ninh province. Next is a dance, also by Aulacese initiates, “Full Moon Light.” It depicts how the moon invites the person to go up the hill to appreciate the sky and clouds.

The next song is “Moon of Mine” to be performed by Chiang Jien-jun. This song was set to music from Master’s poem “Moon of Mine,” printed in the book “The Love of Centuries.” So next performance is by the Korean brothers and sisters. “Moon Song.” The name of the song is Daltaryoung or “Moon Song.” It is a Korean traditional folk song. It is about how the moon changes throughout the year.

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