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Serving through Music with Nimo Patel (vegetarian), Part 2 of 2

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Nimo Patel is both a hip-hop artist and humanitarian who walked away from his successful financial and musical careers in the United States of America and moved to Ahmedabad, India. “When I was in India in 2002 or 2003, I remember, I always feed the cows here whenever I'm in India. And just the peaceful nature of their spirit. I remember that was like kind of a trigger for me to say, ‘OK, I think I'm done harming any animals in that way.’ So I chose to go vegetarian thereafter.”

Nimo delves into his experiences working with under privileged children in the communities in Ahmedabad, India. “I love children, I love the arts. We would pray every time we would meet for a practice. And we did a two-month tour around the world to perform this show.” “And what I realized for the first time in my life was that music could be of service in this way, that I didn't have to be an entertainer.”

Collecting all the songs that he composed over the years, Nimo released the album, “Empty Hands," which is also the name of the non-profit organization he created. “Love, kindness, faith, gratitude, those are things to me that are not mine by any means. They’re the Universe’s truth, and so the intention is just to offer it.”

Nimo talks about the many projects he has been supporting through the non-profit Manav Sadna, along with his current musical compositions. “We have about 45 projects. We have a staff of 120 team members. We work in seven different slum communities. But at the core is this type of work, for me at the core, is supporting the lives and life journeys of our children.” “I'm working on an album. It's called ‘We the People.’ This song specifically is about the identity of us as Americans and the choice that we have to see each other as family versus division. I feel like there's this path where we can respect instead of hate, be tolerant instead of having to fully embrace. It's not only a message for America, it's around the world.”
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