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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms

“Happiness is Where the Heart is” - A New Year Celebration with Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 6 of 6

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“But the best Light comes from inside. We all know that. It is a pity that people in the world, many of them, or some of them, do not see themselves, do not see what kind of aura they are carrying around them 24/7, and 365 (days) per year. Because, if they do know what kind of aura they have, what kind of real clothes they are wearing despite their glamorous suit or evening gown, or whatever, they will feel very, very ashamed. They will stop immediately what they are doing, maybe mostly wrong. And they will begin to behave, begin to practice spiritually, seek a wise sage and wise counsel; from the wise, from the elder, and begin to get in touch with their real Heavenly self. It is a pity they don’t see themselves.

I wish I could make everybody see themselves. Especially those warlords and all that, because they are doing great harm, great harm to themselves – greater harm to themselves than to the victims of the war. The more they go into fighting, the darker their aura becomes. And it will envelop them forever if they don’t remove it by some greater Grace from Heaven. And they’ll be enveloped like this forever, till the day they die. And after the day they die, they continue in that darkness.

It is a pity because for all these ephemeral possessions in the world, they are causing great harm to themselves. I mean, the planet can continue to exist, or can be destroyed. We have many other planets, numerous, countless other planets to be reincarnated upon. But the karma you cannot destroy, unless you use the Light of God, which they have, within themselves. But because of so much karma, bad karma they created, (for) some of these people; the Light is enveloped. It cannot shine through. Every day they deepen themselves more in trouble, just because they don’t see anything more than a few meters in front of them.

If our wisdom eye is not opened, no matter how great a telescope, you can’t see your own aura. That’s the problem. The telescope can enable us to see very far into the sky, into the firmament and discover some very remote stars or planets in the universe. But we could not discover our aura. We cannot see ourselves. Isn’t that amazing? So, the only way to wake up and see our Self is just through Enlightenment, and practicing the Quan Yin Method, the (inner Heavenly) Light and Sound, which I have taught you.

I still have hope for all the people in the world. That’s why we’re still hanging around. And we’re meditating. That’s why we’re still trying to keep the planet so that they have enough chance, enough time to wake up. And then maybe they repent and then they follow the true practice to save themselves, to save their soul, because after they die there’s nothing they can take with them. Everybody knows that. And I hope that one day everybody truly understands that. Not just knowing, but understand. That will be great. Voila! That’s it. I thank you very much for everything and the program.”
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