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Constructive Developments from Leaders and Governments around the World, Part 1 of 5

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Spain’s Minister of Consumer Affairs, His Excellency Alberto Garzón, a Shining World Brave Leadership Award laureate, courageously called for a reduction in animal-people meat consumption to mitigate greenhouse gases. “I'm worried. I am worried about the health of our fellow citizens, and I am concerned about the health of our planet. Without a planet, we have no life. Without a planet, we have no salaries. Without a planet, we have no economy. We can change our diet and improve the state of the planet.”

As part of his plea, the minister highlighted Spain’s profound vulnerability to desertification, which he noted could change the country forever. He cautioned that Spain consumes more animal-people meat than any other European Union nation, slaughtering 70 million land animal-persons annually. “The excessive consumption of meat harms our health and also the planet. Our health and that of our families are at stake. And it is a problem that we must address as soon as possible.”

Belgium’s Prime Minister, His Excellency Alexander De Croo, called for eating less animal-people meat as the first in a list of ways to address global warming, writing: “The European Union aims to cut [greenhouse gas emissions] by 55% by 2030, and to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Our first reaction to these ambitious goals is that we ought to eat less meat, fly less often, reuse what we use, and question our assumption that gross domestic product must increase constantly.”

Canada has announced a large investment by the government in eco-friendly plant-based proteins. “As people around the world start eating more plant-based products, we have an opportunity to bring together Canadian innovation and Canadian crops and a chance to create good, well-paying jobs. Today, I can announce that our government is contributing almost CA$100 million for the Merit Functional Foods location in Winnipeg. This facility will be a world leader in plant-based proteins, and will create good jobs in a fast-growing field.”

New York City has made school menus vegan on Friday in its 1,700 public schools as part of the Vegan Fridays initiative. About the development, New York City Mayor, the Honorable Eric Adams, stated: “Plant-based options in schools means healthy eating and healthy living, and improving the quality of life for thousands of New York City students.” “Our children should not continually be fed food that’s causing their healthcare crises: childhood obesity, childhood diabetes, asthma.”

Mayor Eric Adams has also urged his co-citizens to choose a healthy plant-based diet. “I'm encouraging New Yorkers to have as many plant-based meals as possible. The more plant-based meals you have, the healthier you are going to be.”

The city of New York has also implemented Meatless Mondays in its public schools, leaving animal-people meat off the menu one day a week. “We want them (students) to be as healthy as they can be and we want them to learn as well as they can learn…” “That means that all 1.1 million children will be eating healthy delicious all vegetarian meals every Monday. Vegetarian options reduce the risk of heart disease of cardiovascular disease of diabetes and cancer. It's also good for the environment because it helps us to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve essential resources, including water.” “We're not only saving families, we're saving our planet.”

The Los Angeles Unified School District participates in Meatless Mondays as well, providing animal-people meat-free meals to 664,000 students in 1,302 schools on Mondays. The school district also educates students on the health benefits of choosing more plant-based meals.


These are just some of the constructive developments from world leaders and governments that are helping our world advance to a safer, healthier, more peaceful, and prosperous future. May Heaven bless all involved with evermore wisdom and courage to take further righteous policy actions.

“Suppose you promote organic plant-based food, now, whoever, the government, whoever decided to approve this plant-based diet solution, just approve it only, he will earn, my God, thousands of zillions of spiritual merit points. And we need a lot of points to go back to Heaven. Whoever approves this even, just one time, enough for him to fly to Heaven already, after he leaves this world. He doesn’t even need any more pilgrimage, doesn’t even need to do anything else even. Whoever approved of that, and whoever makes sure that it’s carried out, will obtain the same spiritual merit points, that Heaven will bestow upon them.”

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