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Typhoons are one of the warning signs: we must all change the way we live and treat every sentient being well

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Most Beloved Master and dedicated Supreme Master TV team, Recently, news was released by the most famous Japanese network NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), in which an unusual phenomenon was shown: Every typhoon that was approaching Taiwan (Formosa) in the last three years slipped away from Taiwan (Formosa), as we can see from image 1. From June to December, the typhoon season, every typhoon turned away from Taiwan (Formosa) for three consecutive years, so NHK put three question marks(?) on Taiwan (Formosa). The one on September 4, 2022, was even more dramatic, as shown in image 2. It looks like someone stepped heavily on the brakes, and it took a sharp V-turn, not a smooth U-turn. The most recent one on September 13 in image 3 also followed the footsteps of their ancestors.

Many Japanese were puzzled and curious about these extraordinary changes. There were many responses to and explanations for this news. Some said, “Taiwan (Formosa) has central mountains, the typhoon dares not challenge them.” “Taiwan (Formosa) may have used high-tech to prevent typhoons.” One even jokes, “It’s called Ty-phoon, because it’s governed and directed by Tai-wan.”

Despite all this scientific reasoning and funny talk, we all know that it’s due to Master’s presence and Her utmost Love and sacrifice. We can never express our gratitude enough to our Beloved Master. May God always protect and comfort Master in this turbulent world. May Master also enjoy Her peace as She has bestowed upon us. With much love and thankfulness, Hao-Jan from Taiwan (Formosa)

Knowing Hao-Jan, It was a pleasure to read your message. Taiwan (Formosa) has been very fortunate to be rescued from being hit by many catastrophic typhoons. We are ever grateful to Master, the higher Heavens, mighty Godses, and angels for showering countless Blessings on this planet. May you and picturesque Taiwan (Formosa) be forever protected, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some words of wisdom for you: “Empathetic Hao-Jan, typhoons are one of the warning signs for our world, due to the turbulence rising from the immense suffering of the animal-people whose lives have been heartlessly sacrificed for meat consumption. We must all change the way we live and treat every sentient being. The more benevolent vegan people, the more peace we will have in this world. May the peace-seeking Taiwanese (Formosan) people soon awaken to recognize the loving power embodied by our animal friends.” 

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