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The Master Power uses our dreams to teach us as well as other moments of the day when we are open.

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I had a dream in which I saw Master baking cakes in a big tent where there was a long table with many pastries on it. Master was standing in one corner of the tent holding a piping bag. By Her side, initiates were waiting in line to get their cakes. I moved forward in line with excitement, but somehow the container in my hands was not suitable for holding the cakes. It was a strange object which I couldn’t identify in my dream; therefore, I began to panic as I was moving closer to Master, and at the same time hoping I could still get a piece of cake.

Seeing my strange container, Master did not show any sign of surprise, but kept smiling while She carefully wiped my container clean and decorated it little by little with flowers made from the vegan frosting, as if delicately and attentively caring for a baby, accommodating the very different container that I brought. In the dream, I felt that a part of me unaccepted by society was then accepted. A soft and warm current flowed to the depths of my heart, making me feel so happy and warm…

After I got the cake, I wanted to save it for later to savor it; however, the cake suddenly transformed itself as if alive. The vegan frosting transformed into a soft, sponge-like texture. I was so amazed that I hastily gobbled it all up and instantly woke up from my dream. After waking up, I felt highly refreshed.

I used to have nightmares frequently, and it was not easy for me to relax and sleep well. However, the dream was so joyous, peaceful, and gentle that after waking up, I felt an incomparable lightness and much bliss in my heart. It seems that in my dream Master accommodated my shortcomings and dissolved my frustration from not being accepted in real life, allowing my perturbed heart to rest in peace and feel encouraged. And the transforming cake reminded me that everything in this world is transient and to not handle everything with the mind. Only by following the guidance of the inner Master and adapting to the situation while acting accordingly, can I let go of attachments and attain tranquility and happiness.

Thank You, Master, for granting me such a comfortable dream. I hope that fellow initiates hearing my story can also enjoy the peace and tranquility of Heaven. May Master enjoy good health and all Your wishes be fulfilled. May the Supreme Master TV team bathe in Heavenly Bliss. Hsing-Ying from Taiwan (Formosa)

Fortunate Hsing-Ying, Thank you for sharing your wonderful inner vision with us. Master’s great Love is the balm our hearts need to heal and truly accept ourselves, regardless of our shortcomings and experiences in this world. Master sees beyond appearances and uses all means to bless and awaken us to our True Self. We are glad you had such a healing dream to help you on your spiritual journey. May you and your effervescent Taiwanese co-citizens know peace always. In Celestial benevolence, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has this loving message to encourage you: “Sincere Hsing-Ying, I am so touched by your innocence and the message in your lovely inner vision. Many people do not experience the world as a loving and accepting place, and so we have a lot of suffering, pain, and self-doubt. The Master comes to grace us with the experience of true Love, so that we can heal and transform our pain into enlightened awareness. There is indeed nothing in this world that is not transient and will bring true happiness. I am glad you received the meaning of your vision and that it healed your heart and mind somehow. Remember to meditate daily and extra whenever you can. Before sleeping, sit in meditation in bed also, so that while sleeping, you will be in a meditative mode. That will help you to have better visions, instead of nightmares. The Master Power uses our dreams to teach us as well as other moments of the day when we are open. May the Buddhas’ Light forever shine on you and the humble Taiwanese (Formosan) people.”


“As soon as we kill them, the one thought of hatred that those cows, sheep, and pigs give rise to will lead them to seek revenge in the future. This leads to disasters such as world wars and all kinds of accidental deaths. These all result from the taking of life.” ~The Venerable Master Hsuan Hua (vegetarian) 

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