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Creative and Resource-saving Tip from Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan)

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Today, we have an eco-friendly tip from our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan). 
“Beautiful kids, pray that you feel God’s Love every day. Thank you, and my love for being good kids. 
And we thank God for all that we have been given in our life. We should also try to protect our world in any way we can to show our gratitude and to ensure that all on Earth may have what they need, by being also frugal and inventive – such as not wasting anything, but saving what can be reused. So, do not throw away carton boxes, plastic bags, kitchen scraps, etc. Think of how they can be reused and recycled in the house or in the garden. Like carton boxes, big or small, can be used in many ways to tidy up your space and storing things like clothes, etc. Plant kitchen scraps to harvest fresh vegan food again. 
Research to see how others do it. Then you can invent new ways to reuse all can-do items. Also, it is good for saving money and the environment!! Even those plastic/carton cups, after a party, can still be used to grow seeds/sprouts. The plastic bags for bread still can be filled with soil to grow veg such as lettuce, by hanging them on a fence, for example, if there is no garden available. 
Any spare room, garage, or outer wall can be used for growing food, now that our world is at high risk of food shortage due to war and climate change. Enjoy the new healthy and useful hobby. Be well, and take care of yourself. God loves you kids.” 
We love You, too, Supreme Master Ching Hai! Our appreciation for this creative and resource-saving tip!
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