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Russia's Elites' Mysterious Deaths Related to the War in Ukraine (Ureign)

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Starting from one month before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Russia has seen at least eighteen deaths of citizens in elite positions in various industries, but most specifically in the energy sector.

Lukoil is Russia’s second-largest company, accounting for approximately two percent of global oil production. On March 3rd, just eight days after Russia invaded Ukraine, the company took a public stand against the war in Ukraine. On May 8th, Alexander Subbotin, a former top manager and Board Member of the company, was found dead in the basement of a shaman's home in Mytishchi, a city northeast of Moscow, after suffering an apparent “heart attack.”

Even more mysterious, President and Chairman Ravil Maganov was found dead on September 1st after falling from a sixth-story window at the Central Clinic Hospital in Moscow. General SVR, a Russian Telegram channel, claimed Mr. Maganov was beaten before being thrown out of the window.

Alexander Tyulyakov, Gazprom’s Deputy General Director of the Unified Settlement Center (UCC) for Corporate Security, was found dead in the garage of his St. Petersburg home on February 25th, the morning after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Sergey Protosenya, former deputy chairman of Russia’s second largest gas company, Novatek, was found dead on April 19th at his home in Lloret de Mar, Spain, hanging from a handrail in his garden. His fifty-three-year-old wife and eighteen-year-old daughter were also found stabbed to death. There is more to the list of mysterious deaths. …and so on.

Reading the news about the unnatural deaths of these Russians, with infinite wisdom and compassion, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) had this to say: “That’s why they (leaders) just sit there on their sofa and point fingers – ‘do this, do that,’ and whoever dares oppose them will go to prison or be killed or be murdered or die mysteriously, etc. You know that already. Many of Putin’s allies, if they utter something against the war, or not even against, but say, ‘How about if we stop?’ or whatever, then they die. They will die mysteriously. And the government will say, ‘Oh, this man committed suicide,’ or just fell down from the 15th floor like that by himself. Or just suffocated because of sickness, or whatever, whatever. Terrible. I just always shake my head whenever I have to pass through all these news.”
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