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Cosmic Pop Rock with Alex Arndt (vegan) and The Sonic Universe, Part 2 of 2

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Following our first interview back in 2009, our Supreme Master Television team members were pleased to see Alex again in July 2022, and have a more in-depth discussion. We begin with Alex talking about his daily meditation practice. “I just try to have my day filled with a connection to everything that is, a connection to love, a connection to Spirit, to the universe. I just want to be integrated fully into that. So I just meditate and pray upon that.”

Unknown to some people, Alex is not only a talented musician who is highly creative and spiritual, but he also holds a degree in Environmental Science. Alex shares his thoughts on bridging the gap between science and spirituality. “And when you speak, or say or write out positive things, or loving things, kind things, it transforms the molecules in our body, and it completely changes how we feel, and our health and everything.” The song “Shine” written by Alex speaks to the positive energy that he has just reiterated.

Alex adopted a vegan diet many years ago, and is passionate about promoting this compassionate lifestyle. Alex shares with us how he made this life-altering decision. We asked Alex for his advice to people contemplating changing to the benevolent vegan diet. “And if you want to go that direction, please give yourself a month or two. It will take a little while, because your body is craving that food because it doesn't know any different, because it's used to it. And so you have to just do it because you want to change yourself and know that it might be a little hard in that first month or two. And but then for me, like once I got through that first month or two, it was over, there were no more cravings.”

In the last couple of years, life has been difficult for a lot of people because of the pandemic, along with other social reasons. We asked Alex how he has been dealing with the upheaval brought on by the pandemic. We will conclude today’s show with an excerpt from the song “Ignite the Light” from the Sonic Paradigm album.

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