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Stéphane Lamart (vegetarian): Defender of Animal-people, Part 2 of 2

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Since its founding in 2000, the Association has rescued over 3,000 animal-folk. The Stéphane Lamart Association’s refuges for animal-persons are safe spaces for the beings who have been saved and allow them to finally live in happiness and comfort.

Stéphane is passionate about upholding the legal rights of animal-individuals. He and his charity work tirelessly with the government and court system to ensure the laws to safeguard the voiceless are followed. They also help advance new legislation to further support our animal friends, such as a recent law prohibiting circus animals. Animal welfare laws are very important to the Stéphane Lamart Association. The nonprofit also helped in getting another piece of legislation passed in France. This one banned pony rides such as those offered at carnivals and fairs.

“We try to raise children’s awareness, to regard an animal as a sentient and living being that should be respected. And therefore, it is important that the children do not regard an animal as a ‘thing.’ And we had these live animal rides banned.”

“We do activities in schools – at high schools, middle schools – to sensitize the new generation. The new generation of tomorrow, we make them aware of animal protection and by making them aware of animal protection, we will make them aware of the respect for life. And these young people of today and tomorrow will be able to give a hand to a human being, to an old man, to an animal and live in a better world, a world at peace.”

If you are wondering how you can help with caring for animal-people, Stéphane has some ideas. “But even one hour, going to a shelter, taking a dog out, taking a cat out, brushing them, petting them, giving them water, and food. One hour is still valuable for an animal, for a shelter, because there is so much misery everywhere, in all the countries of the world, Human beings really need to mobilize and say to themselves: ’I'm going to give my time when I'm not working, or on a weekend, when I'm on holiday. There are always a few hours in a day that could be dedicated to animal protection.’”
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