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Sharing is the Heart of the Christmas Holiday

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Christmas is about giving, and a wonderful time to start thinking about helping families in need in various ways such as by providing food, toys, and clothes. There are many organizations and charities in every country that are dedicated to fostering Christmas generosity and giving.

Variety, the Children’s Charity also celebrates Christmas each year by assisting thousands of young ones. Today this global organization serves young ones with disabilities, special needs, illnesses, and lesser means.

Another heart-touching program is called “Angel Tree” and was created by Prison Fellowship, a US-based non-profit that is the world’s largest Christian ministry serving the incarcerated.

Students and staff at Cabramatta High School in New South Wales, Australia, also share in the Christmas spirit of spreading kindness and joy. Students create beautiful Christmas cards that are sold to raise money for the Eloi Ethiopian Prison Ministry Project. They are a marvelous example of what a group of people can do when they come together with the intention of sharing with, and igniting hope in, the less fortunate.

Another way to adopt the heart of sharing during the holiday season is to take your family to shop for a less fortunate child. This activity will teach family members precious lessons on empathy, gratitude, and giving. The non-profit organization Toys for Tots collects gifts from families to give to less fortunate youngsters in the USA.

We’d like to thank all of today’s profiled organizations, and the individuals who support them, for radiating kindness, compassion and joy at Christmastime through carrying out uplifting deeds for the less fortunate. You are the true essence of Christmas love!

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