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Between Master and Disciples

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Advice to All Religious Faithful, and the Solution for Our World's Crisis, Part 6 of 7, Jan. 25, 2022

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So, I’m asking myself also: How can I even rescue this type of world, this race of people? How am I going to do it? I’m thinking maybe… maybe I’m just asking for the impossible dream. I don’t know why I’m still doing it either. Maybe my heart cannot just quit. (Yes, Master.) I still keep the flame of hope alive. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) And I’m praying every day in case there’s anything else I can do to quicken the liberation of humans and animal-people.

Oh my God! What am I to do? I keep asking Heaven every day what am I to do, what else can I do to help humans? They told me nothing more. (Oh.) I am so frustrated and very, very disappointed, very sad, very sorrowful daily.

And talking to you about this, my neck has pain. (Oh.) Truly, it’s a pain in the neck physically. (Oh.) When people say “a pain in the neck,” it’s truly like that when it stresses you too much. (Yes.) Oh my, it’s really painful.

I don’t want to cut off again and come back, so, I just take some deep breaths. You too, OK? Oh, I feel… oh, no, no, I have to rest. Oh, God, I feel very dizzy. I’ll call you back. (Yes, Master.)

Thank you. Thank you for your prayers. (Are You OK, Master?) I’m OK. I’m OK. I told you already, wild weeds won’t die. Not easily. What was before? Oh, man. What was my last sentence? Anybody remembers? (That the world is following the wrong person.) So, we keep this alive. (Yes, Master.) All karma on me. Not for you. Don’t worry. Listen. And so, it’s all fake. (Yes, Master.)

Nowadays, he wants to blemish a poor person, old and sick and already resigned, so that he’ll become a pope. (Yes.) Probably they pressured Pope Benedict when he was still in office. (Yes, Master.) So the gang can choose his guy. The vatigang, they call themselves what? (Mafia.) Mafia! They are really a mafia. They’re worse than a mafia. (Yes, Master.) The mafia people protect their own. (Yes, Master.) Whoever works for them, even though bad, but they protect them, they give them things. (Yes.) Or give them something if they need. But this pope, this Francis, he lives in prestige because of Jesus and God. And he dares to open his filthy, dirty, blood dripping mouth to slander God. (Yes, Master.)

“New York City, United States Sept. 24, 2015 Pope Francis (m): We need to remember that we are followers of Jesus Christ. And his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure. The failure of the cross.”

“Villavicencio, Colombia Sept. 8, 2017 in Spanish, Pope Francis (m): In the veins of Jesus runs pagan blood.”

“Interview by EI Espectador Sept. 3, 2017 in Spanish, Jose Galat (m): This is an illegitimate pope. Illegitimate because he was appointed not by the Holy Spirit, but by ‘a mafia of cardinals.’ ‘Mafia of cardinals’? That expression I don’t use. It was used precisely by the head of the conspiracy, Cardinal Danneels, the European cardinal, head of the conspiracy, who spoke of ‘a mafia of cardinals,’ while dying of laughter. With self-confidence and shamelessly, he confessed that with political maneuvers prohibited by the church under penalty of ex-communion, those cardinals elected Francis. So, the origin of Francis is an illegitimate origin.”

So, don’t believe anything. (OK, Master.) I just believe one thing, that the Christians and the Catholics, whatever they call themselves, Evangelists or Born Again Christians or Seventh-day Adventists, they all believe in Christ. They should all kick him out. (Yes, Master.) In unison. Unify together and kick this evil out and banish him far away from humans. (Yes, Master.) Or put him in jail and lock him in there forever, before hell locks him in. Otherwise, he will harm more humans. And he will protect more of these pedo-priests, molesters. (Yes, Master.) My God.

The government should not tolerate this. Should put him in jail, first of all. (Yes, Master.) And all of this gang who molest children, rape children, or kill children. All must be in in jail. Forever! Until they drop in there. (Yes, Master.) They should not say, “The Vatican and the Catholic system have their own sovereign right.” Nobody has the right, whatever right, to molest children. (That’s right, Master. Yes, Master.) Even if the Vatican and the Catholic system is a separate entity, a separate country, they have no right to molest their neighbor. (Right. Yes, Master.) This is like that in the world.

If Americans go and molest the children in France, they will put those Americans in jail too. (Yes, Master.) They cannot say, “OK, let the Americans deal with it.” (Right, Yes.) And even then, the Americans will deal with it – will put that American in jail, in their own home. (Yes, Master.) Not like this. Not like the Vatican and their gang. They do anything they want and nobody dares to do anything. What a coward system in this world!

All the governments who did not punish these priests and let them continue in the dark to molest, kill, harm children, they’re all cowards! All of you are cowards! Cowards, cowards! I repeat again and again. I don’t fear you. And God will punish you as well, together with the gang. If you don’t do anything to protect your children, to protect your young innocent citizens. They are your citizens.

In the world, countries are friendly with other countries. (Yes, Master.) And if you are molesting or harming the other countries’ children, you will be judged by the court and put in jail. That’s for sure. There’s no sovereign specialty, special privilege or immunity, nothing! (Yes.) And especially these priests, if they call themselves God-believers or holy, they should be punished even stronger, because they know the right thing, and they do the opposite, the wrong thing. (Yes, Master.)

Oh, my God. Now, I told you all that already. Any other questions?

(Yes, Master. It seems that p. Francis is maybe more tolerant of gay marriage, as now he recently demoted an archbishop because he is responsible for a church-issued document that bars blessing for same sex couples. That document declares the Catholic Church will not bless same sex unions, as God cannot bless sin. In Leviticus of the Holy Bible, there is a verse on prohibition of man-to-man relations.) Yeah. (But also, in Leviticus, there are many statements about the requirement for us to be vegan.) Yeah. (Why is it that p Francis, he’s not talking about veganism when it’s clearly stated in the Bible that it’s a requirement for us to be so?)

That’s the same, like they don’t read anything else, that they don’t want to read, or they don’t want to abide by. (Yes, Master.) Even in many other areas in the Bible it says, “Thou shall not be even among meat eaters and wine drinkers.” They do both. (Yes. Right.) All the Catholic priests, they do both. (Right. Yes, Master.) They eat meat, they drink wine. (Yes.) They don’t have to be among meat eaters and wine drinkers – they are the meat eaters and wine drinkers. (Yes.) So, why do you ask me? (Right, Master. Yes.) This world is crazy. They worship the devil, they don’t worship God.

“Puerto Rico June 9, 2015 in Italian, Francis (m): And a little wine will loosen the tongue and you can tell me the truth.”

“Media Report from Canal de las Estrellas Reporter (f): Two days before entering the conclave in which he will be elected Pope, Cardinal Bergoglio ate at the house of Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan, an old friend of 30 years. He would always eat with him whenever visiting Rome. He was sitting on this chair and I asked him how he would like his meat… Then he looked at me and said, ‘I like it to moo.’ And I looked at him perplexed: ‘To moo?’ And he said, ‘Yes. Raw!’ I thought that ‘to moo’ meant a different thing, not totally raw. So I went, I brought it to him and he liked it very much.”

“Pueri Cantores (Children Singers) 40th International Congress Dec. 31, 2015 Vatican City Francis (m): And one day, at home, at the dinner table. I was asked, ‘But… what would you like to become as an adult?’ Do you know what I said? BUTCHER! Why? Because… the butcher who was at that market… There were three or four spaces for the meat. He would take the knife and chop the meat into pieces. It’s an art form. And I enjoyed watching him, looking at him! I would think of becoming a BUTCHER. I would like that!”

They are not worshipping God. This world is crazy. Except some exceptional few, all of them are worshipping satan. Eating meat, drinking wine is one of them, one of the sins. (Yes, Master.) And supporting the killing of babies in the womb is another one. And now even go a step further – slandering God, slandering Jesus Christ! You see that? (Yes Master.)

They’re getting worse all the time, and the world still lets them be. (Yes.) So, I’m asking myself also: How can I even rescue this type of world, this race of people? How am I going to do it? I’m thinking maybe… maybe I’m just asking for the impossible dream. I don’t know why I’m still doing it either. Maybe my heart cannot just quit. (Yes, Master.) I still keep the flame of hope alive. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) And I’m praying every day in case there’s anything else I can do to quicken the liberation of humans and animal-people. (Thank You, Master.) But I must confess to you, sometimes I’m really down, and I really wanted to quit. Truly like that. (Yes, Master.)

You see, it’s in the same chapter. In Leviticus. It mentioned about man-and-man sexual relationship, but also mentioned about veganism, not eating animal-people, but they don’t read that. (Yes.) They don’t condemn meat eaters, because they do it themselves. Anything said in the Bible, they do the opposite. So, what kind of priests are they? What kind of Christians are they? And why do the Christians and the Roman Catholic people not do anything? Unless they’re on the same level and worship satan. (Yes, Master.) Then I give up. “Let the dead bury the dead,” like Jesus said. (Yes.)

Oh, my God. I wanted to say something else, but I forgot already. Never mind, it may come up later.

In the Bible there are many things already that have been cut – about reincarnation, about veganism. Already many have been cut. (Yes, Master.) Still, some tail and some little spare parts left here and there. (Yes.) That’s how you know it. (Yes, Master.)

“Source from BeforeLiesTruth, James the Just (vegetarian) Brother of Lord Jesus Christ, Narrator (m): James, the brother of Jesus and leader of the early Jewish Christian Church, was a vegetarian. In fact, in ‘Ecclesiastical History,’ Eusebius states that James was even raised by his parents as a vegetarian. Now, why would his parents do this, unless they were vegetarians and raised their entire family, including Jesus, vegetarian as well? There were many vegetarian sects living at that time, as well as in early Christianity. The early Christian community we read about in Acts, Chapter 4, was known as the Ebionites, which is a Hebrew word for ‘the poor.’ They were the Jewish Christian group that Jesus’ brother, James, was the leader of. Ebionite writings disclose that God did not want animals killed at all. It even went so far as to condemn those who even taste meat. These Jewish Christians believed that God never gave Moses any commands to sacrifice animals or even for war. These were actually later additions. Augustine was a Christian, who was an opposer of vegetarianism in Christianity itself. He stated that the vegetarian Christians, whom he opposed, were so prevalent, he couldn’t even begin to number them.”

“All the apostles abstained from meat and wine.” ~ Eusebius stated in Proof of the Gospel 3.5

“Jacob [James], the brother of the Lord, lived on seeds and plants, and touched neither meat nor wine.” ~ Epistulae ad Faustum XXII, 3

“James, the brother of the Lord, was holy from his mother’s womb; and he drank no wine nor strong drink, nor did he eat flesh.” ~ Hegesippus

“And happiness is found in the practice of virtue. Accordingly, the Apostle Matthew partook of seeds, and nuts, hard-shelled fruits, and vegetables, without flesh.” ~ Clement of Alexandria

“The unnatural eating of flesh meats is as polluting as the heathen worship of devils, with its sacrifices and its impure feasts; through participation in it, a man becomes a fellow eater with devils.” ~ Clementine Homiles XII

There were much more, (Right.) but the government at that time cut it all off. (Yes.) Told them to cut it all off, so that people will follow them, this Roman Catholicism. (Yes, Master.) So that they can eat meat and drink wine, and use the religion’s name to control people, use Jesus’ name to get more powerful. Do you understand now? (Yes, Master.) It’s just politics.

This Roman Catholic so-called system is politics. Whoever is doing it, whoever is following it, is politically motivated. (Yes, Master.) Very rarely we have some real popes, during all this history. (Yes.) Other popes were even more brutal, openly. (Yes.) During the inquisition period or the medieval witch-hunt and all that, they killed people alive, they burned people on stake alive, for nothing. (Yes, Master.) Whoever was against them or said something that seemed suspicious or not obeying them, or not kowtowing to them, they burned them alive or buried them alive.

My God, so-called popes. Oh, in this Roman Catholic system, they allow many things to happen. And people are so ignorant, so vulnerable; they understand nothing. They just let it be, then and now, still. (Yes, Master.)

This so-called Pope Francis, even though he doesn’t order to burn people at the stake, because the law nowadays is more open and more democratic, so he doesn’t dare to do this thing anymore, but he supports killing of the babies – 73 millions, more or less per year. (Yes, Master. Wow.) So that is the same, like burning people, killing people alive. (Right. Yes, Master.) And with no excuse even. Even a person, maybe she’s doing medicine, and then they can use that excuse for her being a witch. But the babies in the womb, what did they do? (Nothing, Master.) They don’t need an excuse to kill. (Yes, Master.) It’s truly brutal, wicked, evil. And I don’t know why nobody sees it. Only a few priests, but also, they’re too weak to do anything.

All the governments in this world, most of them, all are cowards. They are there just to eat, to get paid for doing not much. Doing not much is not too bad, but doing harm to people even. (Yes.) I don’t know why people accept all this. I don’t know anymore, I don’t know.

I’m just a woman trying to swim against the current, and get harmed all this time – persecuted, harmed, accused, all kinds of things. I don’t know what I even did. All the things they told me, it’s all strange to me. I don’t even know what all that is. (Yes, Master.) Very strange. (Yes.) Like, they are talking about some criminal – nothing to do with me. (Yes, Master.) Or other wrong people, I do nothing like that, like those people. (Yes.)

Did I answer your question? (Yes. Thank You, Master.)

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