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Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Cities around the World - Part 2 of 2

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New York City, USA. In recent years, the Big Apple banned foie gras and made plans to phase out all the city’s processed animal-people meat purchases by 2030. Under its pro-veg mayor, the city’s public school system – the largest in the US with over 900,000 students – has banned all processed animal-people meat, offers daily vegan options, and observes “Vegan Fridays.” The city has over 300 diverse vegan and vegetarian places to dine and proudly hosts the annual Plant Based World Conference & Expo.

Santiago, Chile. A survey found that at least 1.5 million, or 8%, of Chile’s citizens abstain from animal-people meat daily, and vegan products now make up 12% of Chile’s entire food market! The capital city of Santiago has at least 115 vegan or vegan-friendly restaurants and shops. Plus, out of Vegconomist magazine’s best five vegan food companies in Spanish-speaking countries, two of them originated from Santiago. This metropolis is helping to lead Latin America to a vegan future.

Singapore easily ranks among the top vegan-friendly cities in the world, with more than 700 vegan and vegetarian restaurants. At least 7% of Singaporeans are vegan or vegetarian, and 39% are flexitarian. Home to a pioneering all-vegan burger joint, VeganBurg, and leading vegan meat-and-seafood manufacturer Growthwell Group, the city-state has invested over US$100 million for food innovations like alternative vegan (and cell-based) proteins, lending much weight to Singapore’s reputation as one of the world’s greenest cities.

Taipei, Taiwan (Formosa). Dubbed Asia’s Most Vegan-Friendly City by PETA, Taipei is a vegan traveler’s paradise, with hundreds of cutting-edge veg restaurants, plus veg street vendors and dessert shops on just about every corner. With a long history of Buddhism in the country, 13% of Taiwanese (Formosan) people are vegan or vegetarian. Taiwan (Formosa) also has some of the strictest veg labeling laws in the world.

Warsaw, Poland. This beautiful hip city has over 130 vegan and vegetarian restaurants and cafés. The veg restaurant guide HappyCow ranked Warsaw the 6th most vegan-friendly city on the planet in 2019 while placing it in the top 10 for several years in a row. Did you know that 8.4% or 3.2 million Polish adults are vegan or vegetarian, and another nearly 40% have been trying to eat less animal-people meat? Plus, since 2018, animal-people meat sales in Poland have fallen 7.5% while veggie meat sales grew a whopping 480%!

Honorable Mentions

And the list goes on… This is just a sample of vegan-friendly cities around the world. For more details and free downloads, please visit

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