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Enlightened Sufi Master Nasruddin (vegan): The "Wise Fool" with True Knowledge of God, Part 2 of 2

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In 2012, our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai jokingly told a story about how Master Nasruddin was afraid of His wife.

In another tale, Mullah Nasruddin is sailing across rough waters. A scholar is next to Him and asks: “Have You ever studied grammar?” “No.” “Then half Your life has been wasted.” A few minutes later, Master Nasruddin turns to the passenger. “Have you ever learned how to swim?” “No, why?” “Then all your life is wasted; we are sinking.” This tale again rejects rigid thought patterns. It reminds us that formal intellect cannot solve everything; rather, spiritual practice and God realization are the most important pursuits, for only God helps us in every aspect, in this life and beyond.

In Mullah Nasruddin’s teachings, there is a gradual buildup of inner consciousness based on the individual’s experiences. As one’s consciousness increases through diligent spiritual practice, so does the power for gaining more understanding from the tales of Mullah Nasruddin. Also, the stories are endowed with Baraka, which is defined as God Energy flowing through that and those closest to God. So, the mere repetition of the tales provides spiritual nourishment, and pondering over them brings even more. In 2015, Supreme Master Ching Hai shared another joke with us about Master Nasruddin.

Master Nasruddin passed away in 1284 and His tomb is allegedly in Aksehir, in the Konya Province of Turkey, where the International Nasruddin Hodja Festival is held between July 5 and 10 every year. The spirit of Mullah Nasruddin has transcended national and cultural borders.

His tales have been translated into dozens of languages, including English, Russian, German, and French, attesting to His universal appeal. In recognition of Mullah Nasruddin’s worldwide popularity and timeless wisdom, UNESCO decided by a unanimous decision of its Executive Board and General Conference in 1995 to declare 1996 to 1997 as “International Nasruddin Hoca Year.”

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