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Catherine Kelaher (vegan) - The Heroic Rescuer of Hen-People, Part 2 of 2

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As a writer, activist, and founder of New South Wales Hen Rescue, much of Catherine’s time is taken up caring for and rehabilitating rescued hen-persons. But Catherine’s noble efforts don’t stop. She shares her book inspired by the Millennial generation, "Saving Animals: A Future Activist’s Guide." "It gave me the chance to speak to all of these inspiring young people between the ages of 6 years old to 22 years old, who are taking action for animals. And as I was talking to them, even though I'm an animal activist, I was getting so inspired." "Some of us, including myself, we can feel a bit hopeless because when you look at the suffering in the world, you can go, oh my goodness, I'm trying hard and things are still not good for animals. But when you look at all these young people coming up, they have some great ideas, they are inspired. They try all kinds of things. It gives you hope, whether you're young or old. And I was getting ideas from the young people."

Catherine also shared some advice for up-and-coming activists wanting to assist in the movement. "I just think that believing in yourself, that you can make a difference. And I know it's overwhelming. I know that we're [up] against a lot of animals suffering. When you find out about it, it can feel like, oh my goodness, what am I going to do? But just know that you can make a difference. And there is hope and just take whatever little action feels right to you. You'll find all kinds of options. If you read ‘Saving Animals,’ there are so many things people have done, and you can make a difference."

Supreme Master Ching Hai: "Thankfully present Catherine Kelaher and the New South Wales Hen Rescue with the Shining World Compassion Award, plus a humble contribution of US$10,000 in cheerful support of your loving efforts, with gratitude and well wishes. May Heavens always guide your noble work and protect you, your team, and the precious animal people."
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