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To Believe in Humanity and Goodness Is to Help Each Other, Part 6 of 7, Apr. 23, 2022

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Keep praying for World Vegan and World Peace, and then you can have all that and more. Because we haven’t finished all the food in the world yet. We were only in Greek. We were talking about Greek. We were talking Greek only. (Yes, Master.) Oh, you’re talking Greek. I’m telling you. We still have, like, Mexico. (Yes.) We have Lebanese? (Yes.)

But you cannot eat this inside food, it has to be outside, man. That’s a pity. (Yes.) I’m sorry. What kind of Master am I? Cheating you like this, making you feel all excited, mouthwatering, and then give you nothing. I’m so sorry. That’s what I wanted to treat you to, truly. It is doable. It’s just we are not in a position right now. That’s all. (Yes, Master. Understand, Master.) Especially the pandemic is still all over. (Right. Yes.) It’s not over yet. (Right. Yes, Master.) It isn’t over yet.

Even in Europe, it started again. In America, it’s fresh now again. (Yes.) In Shanghai. (Right. Yes, Master.) China? Oh, God.

I really envy the old time. The old days when I was free and go anywhere, eat anything, without having to take my computer and work on the table. We could do that. It’s just I don’t want to risk it for you guys. You could even go without me. You want to? (No, Master.) I’m just worried. (Yes.) I thought prevention is always better than being sorry. (Right, yes. That’s true.) But I really do wish to treat you with all that. It’s nothing much. It’s not a lot of money even. (Yes, Master.) We could do it. It’s just…

Keep praying for World Vegan and World Peace, and then you can have all that and more. Because we haven’t finished all the food in the world yet. We were only in Greek. We were talking about Greek. We were talking Greek only. (Yes, Master.) Oh, you’re talking Greek. I’m telling you. We still have, like, Mexico. (Yes.) We have Lebanese? (Yes.) We have what else? We could even have, like, Turkish? (Yes.) Turkish coffee is famous, you know? (Yes.) We will have couscous. (Wow.) Yeah, from Algeria, for example. (Wow. Right.) Couscous, you have no idea how it tastes. So good. And we must go also to Spain to eat vegan paellas. Each one, one big dish for yourself.

What else did we miss? Nothing else? Is there any more? (Maybe some island foods?) Some island food? (Yes.) Where? Which island? (I haven’t been around any islands.)

OK. There are some Indonesian kinds of food and drinks. Exotic drinks, without alcohol. Many of the exotic drinks came from Indonesia or from some Asian country, or an island. I forgot what it’s like. Some, they call it after the island name as well. (Ah.) And you can have it without alcohol also. And they have so many names. They name it like “barracuda,” “Bahia,” “Tonga.” There are such names for the exotic drinks. (Wow.) But they mostly make them with alcohol. We can ask for them without. (Yes.)

Not all shops have them, just some high-class hotels will have them. They will have this kind of special drink. Like Trader Vic’s, for example, they specialize in all these kinds of exotic drinks. The exotics drinks that they mix in some of the high-class areas, actually also came from Polynesia, and some other small exotic islands. (Oh.) Of course, I can’t remember all of their names, I never really do research into it. I’m not interested in these kinds of alcoholic mix. (Yes, Master.) (How do You know, Master?) I mean, these high-class restaurants have them. (Ah.) But not all high-class restaurants have them. You have to search for it. (Oh. I see.) Not all high-class hotels have this kind of restaurant. But they have one in San Francisco, in America. If you go back there, ask for it. Trader Vic’s is the name.

And if you go to… I lived in Bavaria before. Munich. (Yes.) They have one restaurant in the Bayerischer Hof hotel. It’s a high-class, four-star hotel, (Wow.) and they have a Trader Vic’s restaurant below in their basement. It’s not really their basement, it’s just a bit lower than the surface. (Yes.) And they have this kind of restaurant and drinks. Not everywhere they have. (Yes.) But if you find Trader Vic’s, I’m sure they have all this. Other restaurants, I don’t know. Other hotels, I’m not sure. They can have all kinds of things, but they don’t have all kinds of exotic drinks. (Oh, I see. Yes, Master.)

Do you still have any saliva left? I feel so sorry for you, working so hard. I really wanted to reward you with many things, but we just work too hard. We don’t have a lot of time also. (Yes, Master.) (You already gave us the sandwiches, Master.) Oh, that’s all you need. And the soup will come someday. But you have good soup, right? (Yes, we do, every day.) They cook good soup, Aulacese (Vietnamese) sour soup sometimes, yeah? (Yes, Master.) The Aulacese (Vietnamese) sour soup is also famous. The (vegan) Canh Chua. (Yes.) That’s very good also.

Each country has different specialties and they are all really delicious. If you happen to go anywhere in different countries, they always have their specialty. If you’re lucky, you find the real one. (Yes.) I mean, real traditional one. But many things they don’t cook in the restaurant. If you’re lucky, you might have some homemade traditional food. (Ah.) Otherwise, they just select some internationally known, that’s all.

They don’t cook sour soup in Aulacese (Vietnamese) restaurants, not always. (Yes, Master.) They don’t make cà muối (pickled eggplant), (Ah, yes.) for example. And this kind of sandwich that you had yesterday, they don’t always have it. (Yes, Master.) Mostly don’t have. Maybe you can order, if they know how to make it. In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), every restaurant you can order maybe but not outside of Âu Lạc (Vietnam). (Ah, yes.) Not everyone knows how to make it. You have to make it right, otherwise it doesn’t taste good. It has to be real traditional. (Yes.)

Alright then, any other good news? Except all the restaurants that we cannot have? It’s nice, we have a laugh. (Yes, Master.) Right. (I think we’re done with the good news, Master.) Done? (Yes, Master.) Oh, wonderful. Yeah, I feel like it’s getting better, for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. Except they’re still bombing in many places, in Mariupol for example. And there’s still a blockage at the steel plant there, where a lot of people are hiding underneath.

What kind of evil can that be, this can only be evil, nothing else. (Yes, Master.) 21st century, a great country which has everything, all international respect as well, and goes around doing these kinds of evil things, and even is proud of it! So, it can only be devils. (Yes, Master.) You don’t have to believe me. It’s just right there, in front of your nose, no? (Yes.) We finish that. We don’t want to talk about that now.

I read you a bedtime story. You want that? (Yes Master!) I just turned the pages and I saw these two good friends again. (Oh.) And I remembered. Yeah, in our country, in Asia, we also have a similar story, Lưu Bình - Dương Lễ. (Oh, yes.)

I remember these two friends. They were studying together to become royal scholars. And one of them studied very diligently, and the other friend was just very lazy, did not study well, so he failed. So, the other friend had always told him, advised him, to study more diligently. But maybe his family was rich or something, so he couldn’t care less. So, he failed the exam. So, the other friend became a royal scholar, and came home, came back to his village with flying colors, soldiers and bodyguards, and all kinds of glorious attire for him, and rewards for him. And then he had a good office and house to live in, governmental building and all that.

And then the other friend had nothing and became poor also. And then, so one day he heard that the one who passed the exam, the royal scholar, came home, (Yes.) and stayed in the government citadel, palace. So, he went to see his friend, who’d now become a big official of the royal court. So, he went to visit him. And the one that became a royal official now, was sitting inside, making him wait outside a long time in the scorching sun.

And then finally, after many hours… “Oh no, our official is very, very busy, you please wait.” And he said, “But I’m his friend! I’m his close friend. You must let me in right now.” And of course, the friend official already told his guard outside, “Make him wait. (Yes.) Say all kinds of excuses.” So he keeps waiting, waiting. He probably thinks, “OK, maybe he’s too busy. And these lousy scoundrel guards of the gate don’t really let his friend know that he’s here.” They were good friends. (Yes, Master.) Sharing everything together since they were young, and studied together and all that. So, he was thinking this guard outside did not brief his official friend now. That’s why he let him wait outside. But he knew. His official friend knew that he was waiting outside, and he deliberately told the guard to make him wait. (Oh.) Alright, because he’s very important, he’s very busy now.

So finally, he came in, and he wants to see his friend. But his friend pretended that he doesn’t know him. (Oh.) The one that is now a court official pretended he didn’t know him. (Yes.) So, he asked his bodyguard to bring him some leftover rice and some bony fish. “Give it to him. Let him eat and tell him to go home.” Like that.

Alright, so this friend was very ashamed and very angry. He went out, and he just thought what kind of life, a friend doesn’t even have loyalty to each other. Of course, he was blaming Heaven and Earth then. (Yes.) And he was sitting near the riverbank somewhere maybe and wanting to jump, or something like that.

And then suddenly there was a beautiful young lady passing by, and asked him what he was doing. Why he looked so sad. So, he talks. He told her everything in his heart, how he felt and how he was so very heartbroken, because his friend betrayed him. (Yes.) Ah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

So, she said, “Oh, I am so sorry.” The lady said, “Oh, God. Ah, really tragic. Ah well, if you don’t mind, my house is nearby here. Could you come and have a drink and something instead, and continue telling me about it?” So, he went with her. And then from then on, he stayed there, and she said, if he doesn’t mind, she can help him to continue to study and she can make money. She weaves expensive cloth to sell to rich people. (Yes.) She has enough money for both of them and for him to study easily.

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