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Supreme Master Ching Hai Calls for the World to Wake Up and Be Vegan, June 26, 2020

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If you say it’s your choice to eat what you want, then I tell you this: Remember, every time you put any piece of animals’ flesh or blood or bones or whatever, intestines, whatever that yucky things from animals in your mouth, you must remember many, many are dying for it or dead because of that. The animals are suffering torturous deaths because of that morsel of animal product in your mouth. Many people die because of infectious diseases and other diseases related to animal products which you promote or advocate or support or condone. So remember, you are responsible for all these deaths, so think about it.

Apart from that, every time you put a piece of animals’ stuff in your mouth, you destroy a part of the planet. You destroy the future of our next children’s generation. So you will be responsible for all that, even if there’s no one to blame you or no one to accuse you, your conscience will. Plus, your children and great-great-grandchildren will be burned in such an unbearable inferno of heat due to the climate change, because of your meat diet choice.

And if you’re a leader and you don’t lead people in the right direction, then you should abdicate, actually. Pardon my straightforward words. Being a leader, it’s not just to enjoy sitting there with all the privilege and all the luxury afforded to you, and you forget that people, children, animals, are agonizing every day for your piece of meat and whatever you did not do to help to change the climate for the better and to save lives for people and for the animals. So that will be in your conscience. You will not get away with it, because Heaven records everything. You know that. All the scriptures say the same thing. It’s not I who have to even say that. And I don’t apologize for what I’m telling you, because you know it also.

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