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Color Therapy: Uplifting Your Life with Colors

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What is your favorite color? This is probably one of the earliest questions we were asked in childhood. A global survey shows that blue is the most popular color across four continents, including Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. Color is said to affect our mood, eating habits, and even how we think about things and people.

Now, you might be wondering why color and light are often mentioned in the same context as color therapy. What’s the connection there? In simple words, light gives colors. Without light, there are no colors. That’s why when we are in a completely dark room, we can’t see any color but complete darkness.

The therapeutic method of using colors can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, who decorated sun-filled rooms with colored glasses. When sunlight passed through these glasses, specific colors would fill a room. It is believed that rooms with specific colors would have different therapeutic purposes.

Darker shades of blue are associated with sedative properties and represent calm and tranquility. Thus, color therapists may use this to help people who experience sleeping disorders such as insomnia. In addition to psychological benefits, a study published in the “European Journal of Preventive Cardiology,” shows that blue light exposure can lower blood pressure and increase blood flow.

Regardless of the evolutionary theory, scientific evidence points out that just by spending more time in natural environments filled with plants or even by looking at pictures of nature with greenery, we can relieve stress and improve control and focus. Therefore, the color green is often used by color therapists to help people reduce tensions and relax.

You can try to be intentional about color choices. For example, wearing bright-colored clothing may bring upliftment when you feel down. On the other hand, try to make use of nature whenever you can, such as taking a brisk walk in the park where you can be exposed to the greenery along with the refreshing scent from trees and grass. We hope that you found today’s show interesting and that you can further enhance your well-being through colors.
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