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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Advice to All Religious Faithful, and the Best Solution for Saving Our World, Jan. 25, 2022

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Host: On Tuesday, January 25, 2022, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, while still in Her intensive meditation retreat for the world, called some of the Supreme Master Television team members, who asked questions on various topics, seeking Master’s valuable insights.

(Master, Mitch McConnell used to have a good relationship with Biden when he was vice president. But recently, McConnell has turned on him and criticized Biden saying, “He is profoundly un-presidential.”)

“Media report from C-SPAN News Jan. 13, 2022, Senate Minority Leader,USA,Mitch McConnell: How profoundly, profoundly unpresidential. Look, I’ve known, liked, and personally respected Joe Biden for many years. I did not recognize the man at the podium yesterday.”


(And even said he did not even recognize him anymore. What prompted McConnell to turn on Biden like that?)

Are you not happy that your country has a better high official? (Yes, yes.) Well, I hope he is sincere. But he’s truly an adept politician. He bends with the wind, very, very flexibly. (Yes.) He had a very good relationship with Biden, not just when he was vice president. It’s been a while already. […] And he has been always with Biden all this time now. (Yes. In the Senate.) Until whenever he made that remark. But I hope he’s sincere, for your own country, for your citizen’s sake. […] (I hope so.)

Truly. I truly hope for your country’s sake. (Yes, Master.) But I just hope it’s not like he’s just strategically a clever person or worked as his wife advised him. (Yes, Master.) […]

You remember before he kept changing his tone all the time, (Yes, he did.) concerning President Trump. (Yes, he did, Master.) And others, etc., etc. I think he’s very adept at survival. Recently Biden himself and the White House administration, the Democrats also, have been going down, in approval ratings. (Yes, Master.)

And […] quite a few of the Democrats are resigning or did resign already for different reasons. (Yes, Master.) Either they want to live their private lives, or they don’t agree with Biden, but didn’t want to say it due to the party protectiveness or they’re just getting old and tired and feel frustrated, so resigned. (Yes, Master.) Thus, many empty seats have been or will be in the Democrat House and Senate. (Yes, Master.) So, Republicans will gain control. (Yes, Master.) The consequence is like that. And then, Trump has been more popular because of Biden’s unpopularity. (Yes, Master.) So, I think he knows it’s the time that the flag will fly in the other direction. (Right. Yes.) So, he begins to criticize. That’s very, very strong of him. Because since he was praising Biden when Biden left, even as vice president, he said, “It has been an honor to work with you,” and so on and so forth. (Yes, Master.) And he has been supporting Biden and his administration all this time. And suddenly he turned. That’s very crispy. (Yes, Master.) Yeah, very crunchy. “How unpresidential.” Blah, blah, blah. That’s a lot for him. Yeah? (Yes.) I mean, normally he has criticized a little bit here and there. And then suddenly like that. It’s a very strong hammer. (Yes.)

Well, he has been wavering a little bit, I think, for a while now. Since the Democrats have been kind of losing, (Yes, Master.) in different states. (Yes. Right.) And people are also fed up with the White House. And a significant number of staff resigned from the White House. Just quit. (Yes, Master.) Yeah. Democrats. (Yes, Master.) Who work for the White House, or work for Harris, they quit in numbers. (Wow.)

I didn’t count, but I saw some here and there, a few. And they’re significant staff members. And there are many rumors, like they don’t get on well. (Oh.) The White House is a mess and all that. So, he smells all this. (Yes.) If he doesn’t turn to the other direction, he’ll be doomed. (That’s right.) I don’t know why he cares so much, he’s so old already, he should be gone. But he likes his position. He likes his work because he’s more powerful than president even. (Yes, Master.) […]

And also, some of the Republicans warned him, that if he doesn’t support Trump, he doesn’t work for Trump, then nothing will work. He’s not going to be the leader of the Senate again. (Wow. Right.) And they meant it. They meant what they said. So, he’s kind of shaky a little bit. (Yes, Master.) If Republicans regain control of the House and the Senate, then, I don’t think they will leave him in peace. (Yes, Master.) Because he has been not very favorable with the Republicans all this time, especially for his president (Trump). (Yes, Master.) Not faithful, loyal and not good. […]

But I sincerely pray that everything is possible with God’s Grace, that he might have turned around and changed his heart. (Yes, Master.) And […] to really serve your country faithfully and sincerely. I do hope like that. (Yes, Master. We hope so too, Master.) It’s not good for any country if politicians are not sound in moral standard. (Yes, Master.) That’s obvious, no? (Yes, right. Very obvious.) […]

I don’t promise anything. I’m just saying I hope, I hope everything is possible, if God’s Grace interferes, (Yes, Master.) and that he is really sincere in serving his country with all his honesty and moral fitness, OK? (Yes, Master.) Alright. More? (Yes. […])

(Francis now promises to bring justice to abused children; the victims of sexual abuse by the clergy. So, he spoke to an audience- the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, […] a few days ago. So, that was just a day after an independent audit had faulted the previous Pope Benedict XVI of his handling of four cases of sexual abuse of minors by the clergy, when he was archbishop of Munich, Germany.)

“Media Report from CBS News Jan. 21, 2022 Reporter (f): A new report accuses Pope Emeritus Benedict the XVI of poorly handling sexual abuse cases in a German diocese. The report claims, when Benedict was Archbishop in Munich, he knowingly allowed abusive priests to continue working for the church without sanctions. Pope Benedict denies the accusations.”


(What are Master’s thoughts on this? Could this be another one of Francis’ distractions or is he turning good?)

You hope. (Yes.) […] Oh, I’m telling you, I don’t trust this guy. I told you many times already. (Yes.) He just did, and does something trendy, (Yes.) to make it look good. Just like before he became pope, people already groomed him. Already prepared. (Yes, Master.) Many years before he became pope. So, they even let him wash the feet of the criminals, on video. (Yes.) So they use that, and everybody thinks he’s a humble and good pope. See that? (Yes, Master.)

Never mind about that. Because, he didn’t seem to be any more humble and more caring in many other dimensions. (Yes, Master.) That’s why many people complained to him about sexual abuse of their children and themselves and he just ignored them all. (Yes, Master.) He didn’t even write anything to them or comfort them or say sorry, or anything. Nothing. (That’s right, Master.) Not even seeing them, not even replying to them, not even comforting them, nothing. (Yes, Master.) Right. So, the sexual abuse stuff has been reported to him long ago already. (Yes, Master.) And he didn’t do anything, as you know. (Yes.) And now “boom” somebody, reported about Pope Benedict, so he immediately said, “Oh, I will do it.” You see that? (Yes, Master.) Now he has another scapegoat.

Last time he kicked out the second most powerful priest from Vatican’s office, (Yes, Master.) because of the gay marriage condemning as a sin. And then he wrote a letter to everybody saying, “It’s OK,” and all that stuff. (Yes.)

This guy, he knows nothing, he cares for nothing. I asked Heaven, “How much love quality does he have?” They said, “Minus 40 something.” (Oh, Wow.) Minus! (Minus. Oh, my goodness.) Not even zero. (Wow.) Minus zero. Let me remember. Minus 42%. (Wow.) Remember before, I told some of you, “You have too little love. (Yes.) Like 20 something percent or 30%.” I said, too little already. (Yes.) (Oh, minus. Wow.) Minus. So, even if he’s not a devil himself, he is very easy to be worked on by the devils. You understand me? (Yes, Master.) Because they will be greedy, they will be liars, they will be immoral. Anything, just to gain fame. (Yes, Master.) And, gain fame and profit. (Yes, Master.) And under him, they’re using 90% of donations originally for the poor just for the Vatican. (Wow.) (Yes, Master.) […]

I told you, he blames somebody else. It’s easier. He found a scapegoat again, because how come he didn’t say anything about it before? (That’s true, Master.) Many people complained that some newspaper printed all about that evidence, everything. And he said, “Oh it’s not a sin. A sin of the flesh is not a big deal.”

Remember? (Yes, Master.) Just to ignore it. Because, these people are the ones who voted for him. The whole gang. (Yes, Master.) The “mafia gang” they call themselves even. (Yes.) Because they cheated to put him in there. And then even according to the canon law it is illegal, spiritually illegal, and he should be excommunicated or kicked out. (Yes, Master.) So, of course he didn’t dare to offend them. (Right.) Otherwise, who would support him? Who would protect him in his position? (Yes.)

“Mic’d Up Report The St. Gallen Mafia Podcast Oct. 31, 2021 Reporter (m): Cardinal Godfried Danneels was a key member of the very St. Gallen mafia he mentioned in 2015. A group of powerful churchmen who worked behind the scenes to get Pope Francis elected in 2013. Their goal? According to historian Henry Sire, To gather these powerful like-minded prelates together to use their vast networks of contacts to bring about what political analysts would recognize as ‘regime change.’ Discarding priestly celibacy, offering communion to divorced and civilly remarried Catholics, voting for pro-abortion politicians, ordaining women priests and normalizing homosexuality. According to German journalist and author Paul Badde, in an interview conducted by the National Catholic Register at the invitation of Cardinal Silvestrini, the St. Gallen group met in Villa Nazareth. The purpose of the meeting? To prevent the election of Joseph Ratzinger. This meeting, called by Silvestrini, was held according to Badde only three days after Karol Wojtyła, or John Paul II’s death.

Brian Williams (m): We are reporting the death of Pope John Paul II at the Vatican. He was 84 years old.

Reporter (m): The 2005 conclave proved unsuccessful for the St. Gallen mafia as Ratzinger was elected. But 2013 was another story.”

February 11, 2013. Pope Benedict announces his resignation.

“Media Report from BBC Feb.12, 2013 Reporter(f): Within hours of Pope Benedict announcing that he was to resign, take a look at this: lightning struck St. Peter’s Basilica. You can see it again now in slow motion.”

“Excerpt from ‘The Pope Is Hiding Something Ancient From The Public’ Reporter (m): Lightning struck St. Peter’s Basilica twice immediately following the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. Now, some people might not make anything of that, but lightning is something in sacred literature that almost always carries spiritual connotations. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s evil, like when Jesus referred to satan as, ‘falling like lightning.’”

So, he didn’t want to do anything. Now he has a scapegoat. So, he said, “Oh, I will do it.” You see that? (Yes, Master.) Because it was just a small diocese.

The former Pope Benedict, (Yes.) he was just an archbishop in Munich. (Yes, Master.) It happened there, maybe just not a lot. (Yes, Master.) Maybe one or two priests. […]

He wasn’t a pope at that time. And then, when he was the pope, there were so many things, other things he had to do, and he is a straight forward guy so, sometimes he offends other people. So, since he couldn’t do it, he resigned. (Yes, Master.) Maybe not because of old age or illness or anything, even though maybe it was one of the reasons. But maybe he saw the corruption, in the Church, in the Vati-gang. (Yes, Master.)

“Media report from CNN Feb. 27, 2013 Reporter (m): As much as sexual scandals and innuendo have come to a boil in the last days of Pope Benedict the XVI’s reign, what is proving equally damaging to his legacy are the simmering stories of disarray, corruption and infighting in the management of the Vatican. The pope himself has repeatedly, over past months, made references to it.

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI speech: The sins against the unity of the Church, of the divisions in the body of the Church.”

“Media report from CNN Feb. 25, 2013 Reporter (m): De Gregorio is one of the two journalists who have reported as this headline in our paper says, ‘Sex and blackmailed careers are behind Benedict’s resignation.’ ‘Sordid tales of Vatican officials consorting with male prostitutes.’

Concita de Gregorio (f) [Reporter (m) translated]: ‘A church governed,’ she says, ‘by a network of officials, some of whom are compromised by their homosexual activities.’

Reporter (m): ‘Compromised perhaps to senior levels,’ says Ignazio Ingrao, a writer for the newsweekly ‘Panorama.’

Reporter (m): How high does it go? Cardinals?

Ignazio Ingrao (m): Yes, cardinals.

Reporter (m): Ingrao says he believes Pope Benedict’s attempts at reform were stymied every step of the way.

Ignazio Ingrao (m) [Reporter (m) translated]: ‘In these eight years, the pope has repeatedly made calls to stop the divisions,’ he says, ‘to end the power struggles in the Curia and to have more transparency. But these calls weren’t heeded.’”

“Media report from CNN Feb. 27, 2013 Reporter (m): The secret documents leaked last year by the pope's butler, according to the reporter who first published them, paint a devastating picture of an isolated pope, surrounded by members of the Italian Curia, who actively impeded his efforts, something that surprised the author.

Gianluigi Nuzzi [Reporter (m) translated]: The Pope’s loneliness in front of what is happening in the Vatican Curia. A pope that was alone, he was left alone. A pope who was a great theologian, but who hasn't succeeded in bringing forth his reforms in the battle for transparency.”

“Media report from CBS News Jan. 21, 2022 Chris Livesay (m): He was the first pontiff to ever take meaningful action in response to the waves of priest’ sex abuse that have plagued the Catholic Church for these many decades now. He sat down with priest sex abuse victims. He even apologized for what he considered to be the “filth” sweeping through the Catholic Church, unlike his predecessor John Paul II. Benedict the XVI was long known as God’s rottweiler for being a fierce defendant of Catholic Church doctrine.”

“Media report from CNN Feb. 27, 2013 Reporter (m): In fact, Nuzzi, whose book is now coming out in English, entitled ‘Ratzinger Was Afraid,’ believes the butler took the risk of leaking the documents precisely because he believed making them public would help the pope in his battle to restore order. According to Nuzzi, the corruption the pope tried, but failed to root out, included kickbacks on Vatican contracts, money laundering and influence peddling, among other things. And author Nuzzi is convinced each time the pope tried to change the rules, his attempts were frustrated.

Gianluigi Nuzzi (m) [Reporter (m) translated]: You can keep on believing in the fable that the pope has resigned because he is tired. But I don't believe it.”

“Media report from CNN Feb. 25, 2013 Concita de Gregorio (f) [Reporter (m) translated]: ‘He decided by himself,’ says De Gregorio, ‘to resign because he no longer trusted the men around him.’

His Holiness Pope Benedict (m): Thank you for the prayers.

Reporter(m): Benedict says he’s not abandoning the Church. But, according to these accounts, the Church may have abandoned him.”

So, he probably didn’t know how to deal with it. (Yes, Master.) At that time it was not such a big problem yet. Maybe some reporting here and there, but we did not even discover all the murdered children, in the graves, in silence, in the darkness of the Catholic administration, priests and all. In Canada or in America, we didn’t discover hundreds or thousands of them, dead in unknown graves. Because of the sexual rape, because maybe murdered to keep silent. (Yes.) To keep it secret. Maybe the way they raped them was too brutal, and they just died. Imagine they were just two, three, six years old. (Yes, Master.) How can they bear it? (That’s right, Master. Yes.) All these fat people who eat from the donations, and then turn around and harm the children. (Yes, Master. God!) […]

They came from anywhere, somewhere, and robbed them of their land. Destroying their houses and snatching away their children, raping them, murdering them. What kind of civilization is that? Shameless. Especially when it comes from so-called holy institutions, holy churches and clergy, and are supposed to be God’s representatives. […]

“The Prey – Silence in the Name of God (2013) Documentary Directed by Luce Bellino/Silvia Luzi, Father Giovanni Lupino: I can assure you that there is a high percentage of corruption in the high Roman clergy, even the clergy that are close to the pope. This means that very few priests are faithful to celibacy.”

“Media report from CNN Feb. 26, 2013 Christiane Amanpour: One former priest said that perhaps 50% of priests who enter the priesthood may be gay. I talked to a longtime veteran journalist here in Rome who said it’s well known that monsignors and others in the Vatican conduct affairs, either with women or men. The real issue here is there is a difference between having affairs and committing crimes against young boys, which is what happened under these priests for so many generations.”

“Media report from NBC News Jan. 25, 2022 Walter Robinson (m): Everywhere that we have good data, 10% of the priests abuse children. And in Buenos Aires where Pope Francis served as the Cardinal Archbishop, he claimed that no priest abused children there. And that’s simply ridiculous.”

I advise all the people who believe in God or Buddha, just pray to God and Buddha. Don’t ever trust these priests who might harm you spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally, in any way. […]

Go in to peoples’ houses, stealing their food, stealing their land, robbing them of their freedom and even raping and murdering their children. (Oh, God.) Oh, God. Sickening. Sickening race of people. (Yes, Master.) No wonder Heaven wants to destroy this planet. And hell is waiting to roast them. […]

The governments are siding with the powerful, with the Church, with the priests, the bad and rotten, evil priests, instead of protecting the citizens, while they’re taking their tax money, to have privilege, to have prestige, to have richness, and security. (Yes, Master.) That’s why I told you they’re cowards, they’re rotten. These governments, they’re all rotten. I dare to say that in their face also. […]

The children are suffering, and they’re ignoring it. They’re siding with the criminal instead of the victim. (Yes, Master.)

And outside in their society, they’re just chasing after one poor thief, or some little, small criminal. (Yes, Master.) Just for show, just to put it on the TV, just to be in the press that they’re doing something, while the real, truly wicked, worst criminals are protected by their own system. That’s why I told them, all these governments, who did nothing to protect the children – now, past, present and future, they’re all rotten. They all will go to hell, together with these criminals. And I’m not telling you a lie. It is the truth like that. (Yes, Master.) I will make sure they will stay in hell forever. ‘End!’

The politicians and the corrupt church people, church priests and administration people, they have the same thing in common; they cheat to go to high positions. (Yes, Master.)

In the case of Francis, his gang cheated so that he could become pope. (Yes.) In the case of Biden, it’s the same. (Yes, Master.) And similar! Wow, they love each other! You saw that? (Yes.) Didn’t you see? It’s obvious. (Yes, Master.) Chemical reaction. (Yes.) The chemistry between these groups of people is obvious. (Yes, Master. Right.) […]

So, now you can see Francis’ promise and why, right? (Yes, Master.) We can see very well. Don’t count too much on it. (OK, Master.) Don’t count too much on it.

When Pope Benedict was still in office, it probably wasn’t that much reported. (Yes, Master.)

“The Prey – Silence in the Name of God (2013) Documentary Directed by Luce Bellino/Silvia Luzi, Robert Mickens (m): One way that you get appointed is that you run your diocese well. Under John Paul II, one way that people got appointed was by how many seminarians and priests they had. So, if you were getting more and more vocations – ‘he’s a good bishop, give him a bigger diocese.’ And certainly, you didn't want to have on your record that you had a number of priests that abused people, because that would reflect badly on you. So, they keep this kind of stuff quiet. It’s kind of like, if you want to be seen in a positive light from Rome, which makes a lot of these career decisions for people- only bring good news to the Vatican.”


And then, he probably didn’t know what to do. Maybe they were too strong for him also, (Yes.) in the Vati-gang. At that time, they were already preparing for Francis. They were already boiling, brewing with darkness. And he probably was not comfortable. And so he resigned. But at least, while he was in office, he feared God, he worshipped God. He even said he retired because God wanted him to meditate. (Ah…) It is possible. See, he’s connected with God. God told him to do what, and he does it.

But he has never opened his mouth, in any way, anywhere, that we heard of to blemish God, to degrade Jesus Christ. (Yes. That’s correct, Master.) At least not. (Yes, Master.) He’s humble. He fears God, and he worships God, that’s for sure. (Yes, Master.) Even though he couldn’t do all the things that people wanted him to do. But at that time, it was not so obvious, like Francis’ time, when he knows everything, (Yes, Master.) about many hundreds of thousands of children, being raped and molested and died, murdered. (Yes.) And evidence was everywhere. (Yes.) And everyone was talking about it. So, there was more prominent evidence for him to do something, but he didn’t. He just ignored it all the time. And said, “Sins of the flesh are not important.” And then said, “God is a failure.” Many times, he said that, “Jesus is also a failure.”

“Kasarani Stadium Nairobi, Kenya Nov. 27, 2015 in Spanish, Pope Francis (m): This here, in this item, is the history of God’s failure. It’s the way of the cross.”

“Media Report from Vatican Radio Jan. 20, 2017 Host (m) [Pope Francis(m)’s speech]: ’At times, I like to think about joking with the Lord,’ he said, ‘You don’t have a good memory. This is the weakness of God. When God forgives, He forgets.’”

“New York City United States Sept. 24, 2015 Pope Francis (m): We need to remember that we are followers of Jesus Christ. And His life, humanly speaking, ended in failure. The failure of the cross.”

“Villavicencio, Colombia Sept. 8, 2017 in Spanish, Pope Francis (m): In the veins of Jesus runs pagan blood.”

“Media Report from Vatican Radio Apr. 4, 2017 Host (f): This is Vatican Radio and I’m Susie Hodges. Pope Francis said, ‘The story of God’s love for us can be found on the cross, where Jesus emptied Himself of His divinity and dirtied Himself with sin, in order to save humanity.’ Turning back to the figure of the serpent, Pope Francis said, ‘The animal is a mystery, because it’s a symbol of sin but both kills and saves.’ ‘And it’s a mystery of Christ who emptied Himself, humiliated Himself, destroyed Himself, and became sin in order to save us.’ Pope Francis said, ‘Using this symbol, Jesus became a serpent.’”

Then what is he doing in the house of God? (Yes, that’s right, Master.) And the place of Jesus worship? (Yes, Master.) It’s like a thief, (Yes.) going into a house illegally, and yelling at the owner. And disrespecting them. […] Like shoving them out. […]

By degrading them. By slandering them. You see that? I don’t know why the Christian people still let him stay here! […] You go into the house of God, and because of God, because of Jesus that he has such a fame, such a privilege, such a high position, and he turns around and slanders Them in the hardest terms! And the Christian people do nothing!! And the governments who are supposed to be Christian faithful also do nothing! This world is hell!!

And it’s going to be more hell if they continue this way. Worshipping the devil instead of God. (Yes, Master.) […]

He doesn’t slander anybody bad, he just slanders the good one. And the Almighty God. And said he’s not even coming in Hiers name.

Then in what name is he coming? Can only be satan, no? (Yes, Master.) It’s so obvious. Why does nobody do anything!? The whole Christendom, 2 billion of them, doing nothing! You see that!? (Yes, Master.) It makes me so angry! My God! Worse than in the time of Jesus. In the time of Jesus, they said Jesus was blasphemous. That’s why they killed Him. At least they killed Him in the name of God. Because they thought that Jesus said He’s the Son of God, but He’s lying. (Yes.) So, they thought He was cheating people. But this guy, he truly is offending God! Slandering God! (Yes.) And the true people, Christian people, do nothing! […]

No wonder the world became like this. No wonder Heaven is punishing them with one virus after another. And many more strange viruses keep coming, and more variants coming. And they don’t even know how dangerous they can be yet. One is stronger than the other already, obviously. […] (Yes, Master.)

This man, if he doesn’t go to hell, then you should not trust me anymore. He will. OK? (Yes, Master.) And he will never get out of hell again. (Wow.) I will make sure of that. This, you can trust me. (Yes, Master.) Even if the world is too cowardly or too blind or too poisoned to do anything, hell will not spare him. (Yes, Master.) The judgement of Heavens will not spare him. […] So, don’t believe anything. (OK, Master.)

I just believe one thing, that the Christians and the Catholics, whatever they call themselves, Evangelists or Born Again Christians or Seventh-day Adventists, they all believe in Christ. They should all kick him out. (Yes, Master.) In unison. Unify together and kick this evil out and banish him far away from humans. (Yes, Master.) Or put him in jail and lock him in there forever, before hell locks him in. Otherwise, he will harm more humans. And he will protect more of these pedo-priests, molesters. (Yes, Master.) My God. […]

Any other questions? (Yes, Master. Why is it that poorer nations who emit less greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions get more punishment than richer nations who produce more greenhouse gases, but seem to have less consequences? These poor nations suffer more in terms of hunger and diseases and extreme climate-related disasters.) […]

I ponder about that, too, but, you see, it’s like this… Recently it’s coming also to the west; many volcanos, storms, funny weather, big wild fires everywhere. (Yes, Master.) I mean, in those powerful countries, it’s coming now to them also.

“Media report from DW News Jan. 10, 2022 Rob Watts (m): Hurricanes, floods, wildfires; 2021 brought more than its fair share of natural disasters, and as well as claiming around 10,000 lives. They also took a major financial toll. German re-insurer Munich Re says it was one of the most expensive years on record, with the global damages estimated at around $280 billion. Only $120 billion of that was insured. Hardest hit was the United States, which accounted for $150 billion of the damages. It was struck by Hurricane Ida, disastrous tornadoes and an extremely cold winter in the south, and wildfires in the west. Meanwhile, let’s look at Europe. Floods did the most damage there. $54 billion worth in total. Last year’s flooding in western Germany was the country’s worst and most costly natural disaster on record. Meanwhile, let’s look at Asia, the Asia Pacific region saw damages of $48 billion.”


But the thing is, even if they don’t come to them, it doesn’t mean that Heaven doesn’t punish them. (Yes.) Either they get it now or they get it in hell. (Oh.) Just like our body. We eat something wrong, but the stomach gets punished. It’s not the mouth. (That’s true.) (Understand.) And the liver, for example, will get punished, (Yes.) bile problem, or any other thing. (Alright, Master.) But sooner or later, if you don’t treat it, it will be aggravated, the illness, the unwellness, the sickness. And then the body will also collapse. (That’s true, Master. Right.)

Like in your body, like people, for example, nowadays they catch COVID-19. Their faces don’t look any different. (Right. Yes.) Often not. In a rare case, maybe the skin is blistered or something. But rare. Mostly they look normal. (Yes.) Until they have to go in the hospital gasping for breath, (Yes, Master.) or die.

Because the body is all connected. (Yes.) If one of the organs inside or outside get troubled, then the body also suffers sooner or later, if not treated. Similarly, the whole world is an entity. It is a collective population. So, the punishment or the disasters attack where it’s more vulnerable, easier. (Oh, right, Master.) Similarly, the liver or lungs, they’re sensitive organs. (Yes, Master.) If we don’t have them or if they are in trouble, we are in trouble, sooner or later. They are sensitive organs. So, if left untreated, we will die. (That’s true.) Similarly, […] the whole world will collectively take the consequence. (Ah, right.) And nowadays, you can see COVID going everywhere. (Yes. That’s true, Master.) You don’t have to have other disasters to prove that Heaven only punishes the poor. They don’t have to always punish in the same way. But the consequence will be shared among human inhabitants. (Yes.) And that is for sure.

You don’t worry about it. (Yes, Master.) Justice will be done. If not by humans wisely, then will be done by Heaven. […]

The only solution now, in the desperate situation, is to turn vegan. (Yes, Master.) Leave all the animal-people, domestic and wild, alone! (Right.) Then, maybe we will still have help. I’m sure we still have hope. I’m praying for that. I say, “Even if humans repent late, dear Lord, please forgive us, forgive them and help us. Please help. Even if they repent too late, but better than never. They’re ignorant, They’ve been poisoned, they have been misled. Please, have pity on us, even if we repent late.” […] But they must repent. […] Don’t do all the wicked things like in a hellish domain and expect to go to Heaven. (Yes, Master.) That’s all, very simple. Just […] turn vegan and be repentant, and if possible, do good, help others. Otherwise, be repentant, be vegan, minimum, (Yes, Master.) Then I can help, truly I can. […]

Host:Our deep gratefulness, Most Caring Master, for Your enlightening messages to humanity during this time of global difficulties. May Heavens’ Mercy guide our leaders towards higher virtues, in order to create a peaceful and stable future for all nations on Earth. May our world come together in unity and trust, as we realize we are all connected in the Infinite Creation. We wish Precious Master the best of health and serenity, forever shielded by all Heavens and Divine Beings.

To hear Supreme Master Ching Hai’s thoughts on why Pope Francis acknowledges some of the requirements set forth in the Bible’s Book of Leviticus, but ignores those on veganism, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Tuesday, March 22, 2022, for the full broadcast of this conference.

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