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Classic French Pastry, Part 2 of 2 –Vegan Croissant Sandwich with Vegan Poached Egg & Vegan Croissant Filled with Custard Cream Topped with Almond Puree

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Let’s begin with our first recipe, “Vegan Croissant Sandwich with Vegan Poached Egg.” We use two soymilk-derived ingredients for our vegan poached egg, tofu puree and dried tofu skin, you may find them in your nearby Asian market.

Now, let’s assemble the vegan poached egg. First, place one sheet of the dried tofu skin on the cutting board; this is enough to make two eggs. Scoop two balls of the vegan egg white and place them on the top half of the tofu skin, keeping them evenly spaced. Add small amounts of vegan yolk in the middle of the vegan egg white. Center-fold the dried tofu skin and then gently press to flatten them and cut the tofu skin to separate them. Continue to flatten each of them evenly into a round shape.

Now we are ready to make our croissant sandwich. Slice the plain croissant in half. In sequential order, lay the fresh lettuce leaf and then the fresh tomato slices on the cut croissant. Drizzle the top with ketchup. Then add a slice of vegan cheese and drizzle with the salad dressing. Continue with the pan-fried vegan bacon and drizzle with mustard sauce. Top with the pan-fried vegan poached egg. Finally, cover with the top half of the croissant. Our vegan croissant sandwich is now ready.

Let’s continue with our second recipe for today and start with the vegan egg wash, which we will use for making both the almond puree and the vegan custard cream. Now we will start to make the almond puree topping. Here we have the almond powder in the bowl, add icing sugar, and mix well. Then add fresh vegan cream and vegan egg wash into the bowl, and mix till the mixture turns into a smooth puree. Transfer the almond puree into a piping bag. Next, we will make the vegan custard cream filling.

Now it’s time to fill our croissants with the vegan custard cream and decorate it with the almond puree. Carefully slice the plain croissant in half, but do not cut it completely. Pipe the custard filling onto one side of the sliced croissant. Pipe the almond puree onto the outer crust of thessss croissant and top it with raw almond slices. Preheat the oven by setting the temperature at 250°C. Place the filled and decorated croissants on a baking tray and bake for five minutes till the almond puree and almond slice topping turn slightly golden brown. Our mouthwatering croissants filled with vegan custard cream, decorated with almond puree and almond slices are ready. They look good, smell good, and taste great!
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