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Chickens' Lib-with Clare Druce (vegan), Part 2 of 2



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The Chickens’ Lib organization used many different methods to inform the public about the immense brutality inflicted on bird-people in the meat and egg producing factories. They organized street demonstrations, held “sit-ins” in government offices, and mailed out thousands of fact sheets. They also handed out photographs showing the cruelty to animal-people. Clare soon realized that she needed a more effective way to stop the gruesome animal-people factories. After some research she discovered that, according to UK’s existing animal-people welfare laws, many of the practices conducted in meat and dairy factories were illegal. Clare says that governments and some animal-people welfare organizations often concentrate on improving the conditions to raise animal-people in meat and egg factories. “And you find that label on it doesn't actually mean very much, and so on. And I think it's a waste of time. Why not have a plant-based diet?”

With our world currently facing challenges for survival because of pandemics, climate change, and natural disasters, Clare feels it is extremely urgent for people to shift to the vegan lifestyle. She says that the quickest way to achieve this would be through government intervention. “And it's integral to climate change and food supplies.” “I'd like to see no animal farming at all for food, and far more trees, forestation, and the soil considered the wonderful and totally essential thing that it is. We need to have some initial intelligence and compassion for animals, and we should realize we can't live without the proper balance of nature, because we cannot. No. Well, I would like everybody to try veganism for, let's say, a year. And think (about) how many animals you've saved during that year. I think that would be wonderful.”

Our most beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai also frequently reminds us about the extreme urgency of halting climate change, pandemics, and all other natural disasters. She explains that a global shift to the vegan lifestyle is the only way to save our planet and calls on world leaders to reinforce animal-people laws for a Vegan World. “All you have to do is just change all these slaughterhouses, abattoirs into vegan farms, vegetable farms. Organic farms are better.”
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