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Jen Armstrong (vegan): Sing for the Defenseless, Part 2 of 2



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Jen Armstrong is a singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom, who shares important messages on behalf of the animal-people through her music. Her nickname is “Vegan Queen V.” “And then you watch ‘Earthlings’ and you really understand just how horrible the dairy industry is. And the egg industry is as bad if not worse than the meat industry. And I was pretty shocked. And I went vegan almost straight away. And by far, one of the best decisions I've ever made.”

After going vegan, Jen started using her musical talents to spread a different kind of message through her songs. “My song writing has changed a little bit because I really believe that especially now we need to be bringing more peace and positivity and happiness into the world. So now that is part of what I want to bring forward, just make sure people know that they are beautiful and they’re free and that they're important. You know, they’re really worthwhile.”

When asked what makes veganism worthwhile for her, Jen replied, saying: “Animals, because they’re the innocent victims and they have no choice, but humans as well. This is the thing that people need to understand until we end animal oppression, oppression is just going to continue, because you can’t have peace and love and happiness whilst animals are being murdered and abused and enslaved. It just isn't going to happen.”

Another of her songs, “Have Yourself a Merry Vegan Christmas” is an adaptation of the Christmas classic “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” with music by Hugh Martin. Let’s hear Jen’s moving rendition of this Christmas favorite. “Have yourself a merry vegan Christmas Let your heart be light. From now on all animals will be alright. Have yourself a very vegan Christmas Make the food plant-based From now on the animals will all be safe. Here we are in the modern days Where compassion plays a part. Furry friends who are dear to us Hold a special place in our hearts. Through the years we’ll feed ourselves on veggies Whole foods grains no doubt. Fill your heart with love let the goodwill shine out. And have yourself a merry vegan Christmas. Remind yourself what Christmas time is all about.”
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