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Dr. Peter Carter (vegan): There IS a Solution to Climate Change, Part 2 of 2



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In today’s program Dr. Carter speaks about a dangerous feedback loop produced by climate change: the ever-increasing number of wildfires occurring around the world. “I was absolutely shocked to my core. Because just earlier this month, we had more fires in the Amazon than I've ever seen, like, way, way, way more. And this is early in the Amazon fire season. These fires produce massive amounts of carbon dioxide, but also a lot of methane. And also, of course, black carbon soot going up in the air.”

Dr. Carter warns that Earth’s situation has reached an absolutely critical level, and that we must take immediate steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “If we continue to emit, there's no question, no question about what's going to happen. The Earth is going to become an intolerable place to live in, with intolerable heat waves. But those heat waves won't just be intolerable; they will trash our crops.”

“We're looking at billions of people not able to survive because of starvation, water deprivation. And then of course, you pile on the diseases. For many, many, many years, the infectious disease experts, we’ve just had an experience of it with COVID-19, have warned us that all of the infectious and communicable diseases are going to be increased by putting up the global temperature. And lots of floods. It's a suicidal recipe.”

Scientific evidence shows that the number one cause of global warming is raising livestock, which creates more greenhouse gases than all forms of transportation and the burning of fossil fuels combined. Thus, despite his grave concerns about climate change, Dr. Carter believes there is a simple, highly effective solution to the current crisis. “The most effective, definitely effective, immediately effective, readily doable action that everybody in the world can do is go vegan. In theory, we can all do that. If we do that, emissions drop immediately. And we know, and the research confirms that in all aspects, organic agriculture, mixed with hedgerows, woodlots, is the best form of agriculture.”

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