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Quincy Davis – A Compassionate Vegan Athlete and Restaurant Owner, Part 2 of 2



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In today’s show, we are honored to have Quincy share with us why he decided to open a vegan restaurant after he reached the pinnacle of his career: “What inspired me to take the next step and open up this vegan restaurant of Uncle Q's is that, first of all, I love to eat, like most people. And the second reason is that many people want to know and how do you make a vegan burger or how do you make a vegan taco or just vegan, sandwiches. They just want to know. So, you have to show people, you have to show them that this is possible and it can be done. You can make a vegan burger. You can make vegan cakes, vegan desserts, ice cream. All that stuff can be done not using milk, egg or animal products.”

“The main reason why people should become vegan is because, it's more healthy, it’s a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle for our bodies but not just our bodies. Because we, as human beings, we have a big ego to think that we’re the only ones in this world but it's a whole ocean of fish and environment that thrive off our ecosystem. Not just for us, but also for them, the animals, the world, the environment. We're all living in this world together. So, vegan lifestyle is the most sustainable it's the best option to sustain a healthy life for the world.”

“The hopes and dreams for the future, not just for me, but just for the world is that breeding livestock is really causing carbon emissions more than the vehicles and the airplanes around the world, that's releasing carbon monoxide and it's really hurting the planet. So again, we don't have to participate in the mass production of these animals for human gain or for human appetite.”

“If you are vegan, continue 加油! (Go Ahead!), continue doing your job of making yourself healthy and saving the world. And those of you who are not vegan, take time to try a vegan hamburger. A vegan dessert. And I promise you, you would be very much surprised about the taste and about how delicious it is. So, just take a stance and give it a try. That's all I ask.”
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