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Veganism: A COVID-19 Pandemic Remedy and Zoonotic Disease Shield, Part 2 of 2

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Due to animal livestock raising and the wildlife trade, cross-species transmission of viruses has become more frequent. Viruses have a built-in mechanism that makes them more likely to have mutations when they spread between individuals. The more it’s being transmitted, the greater the chances new variants will form. The animal livestock raising business needs to be ended if humans want to break the vicious cycle of diseases that repeatedly affect animals and humans.

Among COVID-19 cases, participants who reported following a plant-based diet had a 73% lower chance of developing a moderate- to-severe COVID-19 illness compared with participants who did not follow this diet. Despite scientific evidence showing that people who adhere to plant-based diets get more protection from developing moderate-to-severe COVID-19 symptoms, we must not forget to take preventive measures to protect ourselves. “God helps those who help themselves. You have the physical body in the physical dimension. You have to take care in the physical world in a physical way.”

The simplest solution to eliminate the source of transmission is the global adoption of the vegan lifestyle to prevent future epidemics. Fortunately, there is an increasing trend of consuming plant-based foods that has been seen during the pandemic. According to the market intelligence agency Mintel, the pandemic has encouraged more UK consumers to explore plant-based diets. Experts expect to see continuing growth in the vegan food market after the pandemic ends.

“We must pray in silence, we must meditate for the world to go vegan. World Vegan will breed lasting World Peace, will breed benevolent energy for all beings, including humans, and then they won’t get such sickness again. Even if they have to go through this sickness now, [if] they turn vegan, in the future we don’t have any more pandemics or epidemics anymore. Our world has forever pandemics and epidemics because we continue to kill. If they are vegan right now, except the small or some inevitable consequences of the past karmic deeds that they have to endure this lifetime, we don’t have any more pandemic, we don’t have any more sicknesses – we would have forever peace between nations. Animals will have peace also. All beings will have peace.”

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