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Goodmylk: A Return to Ahimsa - With ‘Plantrepreneur’ Abhay Rangan (vegan), Part 3 of 3

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Abhay is also highly gifted in the arts. He is the author of a vegan advocacy novel, titled “The Green Monk,” and is an accomplished Indian classical singer in the Carnatic vocal music tradition. It was Stephen Sturdivant, a vegan angel investor in Dallas, Texas, who infused Goodmylk with a seed funding of US$400,000 in 2018. Today, Goodmylk’s products are produced in facilities located all over India. Abhay is quick to acknowledge that he owes Goodmylk’s success in no small measure to his team of dedicated professionals. In April 2021, Goodmylk teamed up with one of India’s most prominent athletes, 24-year-old tennis professional Vishwajeet Sangle.

In his nine years as an animal rights activist and plantrepreneur, Abhay has earned numerous accolades and awards. He has the following insight for people in search of a direction in life: “I think it's important to focus on how to be altruistic in our lives. I would argue that maybe one of the best purposes to have in life is to leave the world a better place than when we came into it. So, I would recommend that for anybody who is willing to do something more for the planet, maybe look at plant-based food, maybe look at how you can add value to vegans, and how you can add value to animals and the more marginalized groups of people that share our planet with us.”

When it comes to veganism, the world-renowned humanitarian and fully enlightened spiritual Master Supreme Master Ching Hai has a similar message for humankind. “Dairy is included together with meat because the cruelty and torture is the same, and the end result is a horrible death for the poor animals. So please, everyone, again: Forego the disease-ridden animal products and join instead in adopting the lifesaving, healthy, compassionate, life-giving vegan diet. Everyone will be much healthier and happier for it, and the animals will rejoice with you and bless you.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Joyfully presents Mr. Abhay Rangan and family the Shining World Right Entrepreneur Award, plus a gift of US$10,000 as a loving token of encouragement for your noble aspiration. With all love and cheer in God's Blessing. May Heaven reward you and yours greatly!”

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