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Between Master and Disciples

Masters’ Good Affinity with Sentient Beings, Part 5 of 6, Nov. 11, 2018

Lecture Language:English,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt)),Chinese(中文)
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So, those people who practiced very little spiritually or didn’t practice at all, but they were good and gentle, when they died clinically for a period of time, went to the Astral Realm, they found it so beautiful, and they were very happy. It is very joyful up there! They were happier up there than here. They were free, didn’t need to eat, didn’t need to be angry at anyone, and everything was beautiful. When they came back here, they still remembered those visions. They still remembered when coming back here.

Good? Everything OK? (Aulacese [Vietnamese], Master.) Aulacese? Aulacese huh? (Yes, Aulacese.) Did you have any good inner experiences? OK? (Yes.) If you didn’t, then meditate more. You still stay here or go home? You still stay in Taiwan (Formosa) or go home? (I still stay. I stay for 10 days. Yes, we stay, Master.) Stay here, huh? (Yes, Master.) Staying here there’s nothing good at all. So, you will go back to Kaohsiung? (Yes, Kaohsiung.)

(Dear Master, I have an important issue to tell You.) OK. (My son was an initiate. Recently, he had an accident and passed away. So, I am so heartbroken, because I often encouraged people to be vegan) I’m sorry. (to avoid the killing karma. But my son who was only 22 years old and passed away like that, I am so heartbroken.) Ah, he passed away, so he was liberated. Why are you heartbroken? (I pray to You to help my son.) No need. No need to pray. (Then I feel peaceful now.) He is liberated from the Three Worlds, and that is good already. It is not that living here is good. (But his mother is so heartbroken. She wanted to die, so I am scared.) Understand, understand. I know. As the parents, who would not feel heartbroken? But we have to think in the spiritual way, not the way of the ordinary people. Whoever passes away, we should feel happy for them. (Yes, Master.) Understand?

Like before, I went to England, then later went back home. Before the country changed regimes, I did go home. My father scolded me. He said, “Everyone wants to leave [the country], why do you come back?” So, he told me to go, go back to England. Do not stay there.

When my father told me to go back to the UK, it’s not because he didn’t love me. It’s not that he didn’t want me to stay with my family. But it was true love, unconditional love. Because my father knew that in the UK, the condition was better for me to develop all aspects and become a useful citizen for the society, for the country at that time. Because at that time, the war was still going on [in Âu Lạc], it’s not safe for everyone and not safe for me. We didn’t know, live today or die tomorrow. So my father scolded, “Why is it that everyone wants to leave but you come back here? Go back there.”

It’s true love, without being bound by personal feeling or parents’ affection for their children. But his children’s safety and interests are even more important than parents’ love. That’s truly a noble parent. Understand? (Yes, Master.) If you could see that your children have gone to glorious realms, you wouldn’t want them to come back, no? (No, Master.) No. Of course not. Because we’re blind, we’re covered up by this physical body, so we do not see. Otherwise, we would be overjoyed. We would want to follow them to a happier place.

There are many people were so-called dead clinically; they died for 20, 30 minutes. When they came back, they kept crying, they didn’t want to stay here anymore. They died only for a short while, and they went to some realms, which are not the same as where your son is now; he went to the Fourth World already. (I bow to You. Thank You, Master.) The Fourth Level, but in the middle. Understand? (Yes, Master.) That realm has three levels: the low, the middle and the high. And he is in the middle, which is very good already. Many spiritual practitioners practiced all their lives but could not get there. If they practice the wrong method, they can not reach that level. OK? (Thank You, Master.) It’s OK. Now that you told me, I looked and saw it. (Thank You, Master.) It’s OK. (I am so happy.)

Come here. Come here. (I am so happy, Master.) Let him go in peace, OK? It’s OK. As parents, of course you miss your son. Is your wife here? (My wife could not come yet, Master.) When she has time later, let her come. (Thank You very much, Master.) You are welcome. Parents are, of course, attached to their children. Who wouldn’t, right? (Because he died so suddenly, I didn’t know where he went. I was very afraid.) Understand. He practiced spiritually, how could he go to nowhere? (I hoped to see You this time, and it came true! I am so happy, Master.) OK. All right. (Thank You, Master. I bow to You.) You are welcome. No problem. (Thank You, Master.) Tell your wife that it is better for your son up there than here. (Yes, Master.)

Whoever can go, we should be happy for them, understand? (Yes, Master.) Just like when I went back home from England, my father scolded me, because he knew England. He knew what England was like in this world. So, it was better that I went there. There was war [in Âu Lạc] at that time. So he said that, understand? Because we practice in this world, this physical body blocks us from seeing the higher realms. (Yes, Master.) If you could see your son up there, you would be happy for him. (Yes. Thank You very much, Master.)

Those people who died for about 20 minutes and only went to the Astral World, wow, they were so happy, so happy. They went up there, saw their friends, relatives, all were young and beautiful. Those who were handicapped, all became whole again, young and beautiful. Then they were so happy up there. There were no sorrows in that realm. But because their karma was not finished, they came back to their physical body to continue living. When they came back, they cried every day. They didn’t want to stay here anymore. They wanted to go back to that realm but could not. The beings up there said that their time on Earth was not up yet. Don’t kneel and hurt your legs. Sit, sit down, love. (It is OK, Master.) Sit down, OK. Sit down. It’s OK. So, the beings up there said, “Your time is not up yet. You have to go back to pay off your karma, to work for the world. When your karma is finished, you can come back here.” They came home and cried all the time. Many people… Didn’t you read those books about the people who came back from death? You did? Read them. Find those books to read.

The medical field could not explain the cases of the people who died and came back to life. They all came back and told a similar story. They had to pass through a very bright tunnel, then went up to some very, very beautiful realm. And those people didn’t practice spiritually at all. The highest realm that they could go up to was the Second Level, or the Astral Level. Yet, when they came back, they kept crying; they didn’t want to live here anymore. But they had to, because they still had the karma to stay here or they came back here, because there was some work they had to do. Those who came back to life all told similar stories.

(I would like to ask You. Today, after initiation, I just wanted to meditate. Now I don’t want to do anything, so what can I do, Master?) Then meditate as much as you can, and go back to work later, OK? (Yes, Master.) Big Sister also wanted to hide all the time! I also don’t want to do anything, but I have to work, in order for our world to become more beautiful. (Yes.) One more spiritual practitioner, for example, who goes back to Âu Lạc (Vietnam), will bring more Light and Blessings to our country. (Yes, Master.) If everyone stays here together, then Âu Lạc is abandoned?

Whoever dies, doesn’t care? (Thank You, Master.)

(I got initiated today, and after that when I meditated on the (inner Heavenly) Light, there was someone who pulled my head up. I don’t know what that meant.) It was karma. Remember to recite the Five Holy Names all the time. OK? (Yes, Master.) So that they can protect you. Or if you are so scared, you can call me, OK? (Yes, Master.) Don’t call Her often, She would have a headache. (Yes, Master.)

I meant those people who didn’t practice spiritually at all and died. The people who went to hell are different. Those who came back from hell told many horrible stories. Those stories were called “The Journey to Hell,” and there was “The Journey to Heaven,” too. So, those people who practiced very little spiritually or didn’t practice at all, but they were good and gentle, when they died clinically for a period of time, went to the Astral Realm, they found it so beautiful, and they were very happy. It is very joyful up there! They were happier up there than here. They were free, didn’t need to eat, didn’t need to be angry at anyone, and everything was beautiful. When they came back here, they still remembered those visions. They still remembered when coming back here. Therefore, they cried every day, for many weeks. They didn’t want to do anything, just wanted to go back to Heaven.

(His mother said that after the 49-day period, she will offer her body. I am scared, but I don’t have any way to advise her.) Tell her that dying this way is not good, understand? (Yes.) If she dies like that, she cannot go high. (Yes.) It means we destroy the body that was given to us by Heaven and Earth. This (body) is called a temple, understand? (Yes.) It is the temple, the church. You can not destroy it nonsensically like that. (Yes.) Because when we are born, we have nothing. (Yes.) We didn’t do anything for anybody. We had to eat food from this world in order to have this body. If we just destroy it like that, it’s sinful. We can’t go up, understand? (Yes, Master.) Let him go peacefully. We will go in the future; don’t need to be in a hurry. Sooner or later, we will go, OK? (Yes. Thank You, Master. Thank You, Master.)

(Master, may I ask a question?) Go ahead. (While meditating, I closed my eyes, but my tears kept flowing. The tears kept flowing and I could not stop.) Are you sad or what? (No, I was not sad.) Or happy? (I was very happy.) Ah, you were so happy that you cried, that’s why. (Because You said that April 3 is the Artists Day. You said that if we want to see You, then come over here. And today, my wish came true, and I met You, Master.) So, you were so happy that you cried? (Yes, Master. I am happy.) OK then, no problem. Crying also cleanses our karma. No problem. (Yes, Master.) Cleansing the eyes, at least! Otherwise, you have to go out and buy that stuff… Sometimes, they sell the medicine to cleanse the eyes, you see? That medicine is like our tears. Sometimes, when our eyes are sore, they sell the eye drops for us to use. So, if you cry naturally, you don’t need to buy the eye drops to cleanse the eyes. OK. (Thank You, Master. I wish You good health.) Congratulations! (Yes, Master.)

(I eat vegan, and my husband beats me, then he throws out all of my pots and pans. Please, Master, show me how to handle this. I dream of You all day long.) Why throw away pots and pans? Just wash them clean and use them. (Nobody lets me eat vegan food. And all day long, I dream of Master, but nobody agrees with me.) What didn’t they agree with? I don’t understand anything. (They don’t agree for me to be vegan. They threw away all of my pots and pans.) Who does not agree? I don’t understand anything. (My husband. When coming here, I lied to him that I was going to have some have treatment for my illness.) Ah, understand. (Otherwise, I would go without telling him, because my husband would not allow me.) Your husband didn’t allow you? (That’s right.) God! What kind of husband is so cruel? (Master, please show me how to handle this situation.) You are his wife, not his slave. You ask him, “Am I your wife or your slave?” (Yes, Master. I endured a lot of hardship, Master. It’s been five times already.) Five times? (Yes, Master.) What is five times? (Only this time that I could go. I bought round trip tickets twice; I had to go back twice.) Poor girl! The poor Aulacese! Because in the old times, our Âu Lạc country had wars all the time, so it’s unavoidable for us to have to bear the collective karma, the collective bad karma. But we didn’t remember, understand?

He has gone Home. Let him go, OK? Don’t cry anymore to obstruct him. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) It’s OK. Don’t cry too much and obstruct him. He may be shaky and run back down here. It’s troublesome for him. It’s a pity for him! OK? (Yes. It is just at this moment, I am so heartbroken, Master.) Understood. When you go home, tell her like that. (Yes, Master.) Crying all the time, you will obstruct him. If he comes down again, can you save him? If he already went up, let him. Don’t let him come down again, understand? (Yes, Master.)

The Buddhist sutra says that when someone passes away, we have to ask… At that time, the Buddha was still alive. They asked the monks to come and recite the sutra to pray for that soul to be liberated. You should not cry or lament, obstructing them from going up, or pulling them back, (Yes, Master.) because their soul is very sensitive, they understand everything now. If we do that, he would also be heartbroken, and would come back here. It’s troublesome for him, coming back, being born and creating new karma. Then when will he ever… Who knows if I will still be alive or not, to meet me, understand? We don’t know whether he can find another Master. (Now, I just hold on to You.) Understood.

Our son is not our son, anyway. Because we gave birth to him, we think he belongs to us. Nothing belongs to us. When we are born, what do we have to call ours? When you were born, did you bring along your son? (No, Master.) At the time your mother gave birth to you, was your son there next to you? (No, Master.) Did you have clothes, gold and jewelry? (No, Master.) Did you bring anything to this world? (No, Master.) No. It’s the same when you leave this world.

You came with nothing and leave with nothing. Nothing belongs to us. Because you love him, you think like that. It’s all right. There are no parents who would not love their children. Whoever does not must be crazy. But we are spiritual practitioners, we have to think in a spiritual way. We have to realize what’s right, what’s wrong, what is truly beneficial, and what is not.

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