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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms

The Songs, Compositions and Poetry of Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 1 of a Multi-part Series

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From time immemorial, Enlightened Masters have descended to Earth to elevate and deliver sentient beings. They are vessels of the highest Blessings, which can be shared with anyone who has the good fortune to connect with Them in any way, as Supreme Master Ching Hai states: “The Master can use many different ways to attract, to stir within the sentient beings their nostalgia. Nostalgic feeling for their original Home. Therefore, one of the things that attract people most is music, you know that? Yes, or painting. These artistic things are very much near the higher dimension, near the expression of a higher dimension. So when many people see music or painting or artistic artifacts, they feel something, they feel touched. And from then, it stirs them, makes them come into contact with the Tao.”

Today, we’re honored to share three songs with you. “Summertime when the living is easy Fishes are jumping and the cotton is high Your daddy is rich and your mama is pretty. So hush little baby, don't you cry.”

The song “Lost Horizon” expresses this common dream of humanity. “Have you ever dreamed of a place Far away from it all Where the air you breathe is soft and clean Children play in fields of green Where the sound of guns Never pound your dream anymore. Have you ever dreamed of a place Far away from it all Where the winter winds will never blow And living things have room to grow Where the sound of the guns Never pound your dream anymore.”

Let’s listen to “And I Love You So.” “And I love you so The people ask me how How I've lived till now I tell them I don't know I guess they understand How lonely life has been Till life begins again the day you took my hand. And, yet, I know how lonely life can be. The shadow follows me, And the night won't let me free. But I won't let evenings get me down now that you're around me. And you love me, too. Your thoughts are just for me You set my spirit free. And I'm happy that you do. The book of life is brief And once a page is read Another world is there That is my belief.”

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