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“The Real Love” – A Musical that Unites Hearts, Part 20 of a Multi-part Series

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“The place the Ganges River first originates is called Gangotri. A lot of people go there to take a bath, in the summer, and then believe that they clean their sins. Normally, they come there, and just splash some water on their face, because the water is so cold. It just came from the ice, just a little bit, like zero degrees and the water is just flowing ice. I went there and did exactly the same. But then I thought, ‘Oh! Then only my face and my hands are cleansed of the sin. How about the rest of my body? That won't do.’ So, I jumped in. Brrrr... Oh! My God. Oh, my God! It was so cold. It was freezing to death. I jumped in, and I had to count to five: ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5.’ And then I had to jump out. If you don't jump out after five, you'll never jump out again. And you will flow down through the plains like this, and become one of the many.”

“It was not a sudden thought; I thought about it for a long time. Since childhood, I observed the great agonies of life. I went to temples and churches. However, the knot in my heart remained tied. I had great sympathy for the sufferings in the world, but I didn't know what to do. And then my husband kept chasing after me and insisted on marrying me. He had courted me for so long and he was so sincere, so I just married him. Watching the TV and the world, pain was everywhere, my heart really could not settle down peacefully. I also talked to my husband, and he also understood. Before getting married, I had often wanted to be a renunciate, and search for the enlightened Masters. But he said, ‘It is not necessary. You have a Buddhist altar at home.’ He set up an altar for me. Every day he brought flowers for me to make offerings. At that time, I happened to meet many people who told me there were certain masters or spiritual practitioners in India. Perhaps it would be better to search for them there. That was why I went there.”

“I would not divorce my husband if I were enlightened at that time. I tell you, he was the best man, he still is. Yes, after enlightenment, you will learn to appreciate your partner more.”

“I was in the Himalayas, it is correct. But it was maybe my destiny that I should be there for a while. But you don't have the same destiny like me. So, you can sit anywhere, at your home, at your office, on the train, on the bus, if you want to get in touch with your inner greatest power, which we call the ‘Kingdom of God within,’ or the ‘Buddha nature inside each sentient being.’ Since the ancient times, many sages, saints, enlightened Buddhas, Christs have graced our Earth and have taught us the same message that we look within for all the answers and happiness that we ever imagine or crave to have. And if we reach that oneness, that oneness that greatness within us, then nothing we cannot do. We will have all kinds of miraculous power, we will be able to solve all kinds of situations in life. We will be loving with each other without anyone having to teach us to do so. And we will have peace within our heart, and then the peace will radiate outside and help more to make peace on Earth.

Next, Ms. Jones presents a brief introduction to Supreme Master Ching Hai and a glimpse of what She has achieved in the decades since Her enlightenment, including a brief look at the global television channel now celebrating its 5th anniversary, which was inspired by Her.

“(So I was very excited to find out about Supreme Master Television, because they do so much to call attention to the proper treatment of our animal co-inhabitants through their shows. They air only what’s uplifting and constructive, and that includes good news; music and dance from across the cultures; useful information on keeping our health and a clean environment; inspirational stories about people; and of course, wonderful features on animal heroes and their sentient nature. Based in Los Angeles, this channel has been a global phenomenon ever since it started, broadcasting 24/7, free-of-charge, to every country on the map, through a total of 14 satellite platforms, plus the internet and cable. To date, it has aired shows in over 60 languages, with subtitles in 40 languages. Supreme Master Television truly brings the world together. And this brilliant concept for a television that promotes only peace and loving kindness, was all inspired and guided by Supreme Master Ching Hai.

A world-renowned spiritual teacher, Supreme Master Ching Hai is also admired as a humanitarian, best-selling author, poet and artist. The title, ‘Supreme Master,’ refers to the Divine within you and me and all beings. Supreme Master Ching Hai has helped thousands of people from all walks of life to reconnect with their own Divine, great Self, through a meditation method She obtained in the Himalayas. Supreme Master Ching Hai believes that the way to world peace is love in action. And this She teaches by example: For decades, She has dedicated Herself to helping the less fortunate – such as refugees, orphans and disaster victims. The international association that sprang from Her example was one of the first to arrive at Ground Zero after 9/11; as well as in flood-affected Pakistan, and Japan after the earthquake and tsunami. Supreme Master Ching Hai is at the forefront of saving the planet from climate change. She has contributed tens of millions of dollars to support the noble causes of others, such as Habitat for Humanity, Hollywood actor Sean Penn and his work in post-quake Haiti, the World Wildlife Fund, and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, to name a few.

For Her works, Supreme Master Ching Hai has received many honors, including the 2006 Gusi Peace Prize, 2008 US Presidential Active Lifestyle Award, the 2010 US President’s Volunteer Service Award, honorary citizenships, and keys to cities. All Her selfless endeavors are funded by Her own income from Her prolific art works. In Her creations, you’ll see Supreme Master Ching Hai’s caring vision for the Earth, which could be summed in the phrase She made: ‘World Vegan, World Peace.’)”

“(Go vegan, it's the real love. Go vegan, compassion for all animals. Save the oceans. Have vegan sushi. The whole presentation really showed the love that Supreme Master Ching Hai brings to the world, and the compassion. This is like seeing ‘West Side Story’ or some incredible Broadway show. She actually had to sacrifice the love in Her personal life to move on to really spreading love worldwide now. Her heart was so strong for the refugees and the individuals, the children, in need of aid. And that, again, is shown by all the rescue efforts around the world, disaster relief, opening up Loving Hut restaurants around the world, which is another way of saving the world. We can’t deprive people of the information that would save their lives, that saves their children’s lives. I mean, meat and dairy cause poverty, world hunger, all of the problems of the world. So, it’s great to have somebody who’s so dedicated and I really appreciate that. Supreme Master Ching Hai, I love You dearly for all the good that You’re doing in the world.)”

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