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Healing from the Inside Out with Food - With Chef Day Radley (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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Today, we continue featuring Chef Day Radley, who shines brightly as a torchbearer of the Earth-saving plant-based movement. We were impressed by the success of her culinary school in London, The Vegan Chef Institute, which has produced more than 100 vegan chefs in less than two and a half years since its launch in November 2018. “I set up the school because I wanted to help create better chefs, which would then, in turn, mean that better food is being created in restaurants.”

The first culinary course offered at The Vegan Chef Institute was called “Fast-Track Vegan Chef.” It sold out in just six days. Graduates are awarded a diploma, which helps them find employment as vegan chefs. Chef Radley continued developing a second course for home cooks around the world called “Online Vegan Chef Diploma.” Thus, the course focuses on quick, tasty, varied, creative, and nutritious dishes, such as the Green Soup, Vegan Cheese on Toast, and Chocolate Mousse Cake.

In June 2021, Chef Radley will team up with nutritionist Rohini Bajekal, a Board-Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional and a member of Plant-Based Health Professionals UK to develop a third course called “Online Vegan Nutrition Diploma, aiming to help their students understand vegan nutrition and apply that knowledge to meal plans. To lower her carbon footprint, Chef Radley makes a point of sourcing locally produced organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

For Chef Radley, veganism at its core is about kindness: “So, that isn't just about not eating meat, it's also about being kinder to the planet, being kinder to animals in every single way, being kinder to wildlife, and being kinder to our bodies as well.” Indeed, as our planet edges ever closer to a runaway climate change, kindness to all beings is the only real solution we have, according to our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. “We will have time to implement other solutions, which is not as urgent as stopping the killing of animals for meat because it is meat that is threatening our planet’s existence. It is meat that causes the global warming.”

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