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Supreme Master Ching Hai Celebrates the Peace News, May 27, 2021

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Host: On May 27, 2021, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai took precious time from Her intensive meditation retreat for the world, to call the Supreme Master Television team members and share Her happiness over the recent peace news between Israel and Palestine, and some more positive events that followed. Master also kindly expressed Her appreciation for the Supreme Master Television team’s work.

(Hallo, Master!) How are you? (Thank You. Very good, Master!) Very good. Very good. Thank you. Thank you. I just call to celebrate with you. (Thank You, Master.) Did you have ice cream? (Yes!) That’s your celebration. I want to thank all of you also for this celebration, because you have the same mind. Same minds and looking in the same direction for peace on Earth. (Yes, Master.)

This does help. And you did the Fly-in News very fast. Sometimes we need that because of a time value. And because of lives’ value, maybe sometimes one minute later, many more lives lost. (Yes, Master.) I thank you. Of course, we all thank God. Did you thank God for me also? (Yes, Master.) Yes. Because only by God Almighty, God’s Mercy that everything is done. (Yes.)

There are many good news, apart from peace in Israel. I’m so glad that the world now is making more peace with the Palestinians. You read the news, right? (Yes, Master.) There are many good news on the Internet. Like the European Union is helping financially the Palestinians. I’ll try to find it for you, one moment please. I saw this one I read, like, just a headline for you. “Israel-Gaza conflict: US moves to rebuild relations with Palestinians.”

Isn’t that good? (Yes, Master!) And I saw somewhere also, the European Union is allocating some funds for them. (Yes.) I should have had it but… (Around US$42 million, Master.) Yeah! Thank you very much. I’m so happy that you know also.

Anyway, this thing has not happened before. Right? (Yes. Yes, Master.) Mostly not, because even in America, if you just open your mouth and kind of have sympathy with the Palestinians, you’ll be in trouble already. (Yes, Master.) It’s kind of a no-no. And I thought, nobody dares speak anything for the Palestinians, so, I risked my neck. I thought I have to say it, no matter what. (Yes, thank You, Master.) But I said, “I couldn’t care less.” The truth has to be told and justice has to be upheld.

And so, I’m so happy now. Many days now, I’m happy, happy, since the peace news has reached the world and we also knew about it. (Yes.) I was told by one of your brothers that the peace news happened almost immediately, just a few hours after we put out the first Fly-in News. (Wow. Yes.) We are happy that we contributed something.

But it cannot be just coincidence, because everybody changed also. (Right.) And now I just read you that news. They will renew their relationship with Palestine. And then Europe gives money and other countries talk good about Palestine. (Yes, Master.)

I want to thank you for all your work, (Thank You, Master.) for all the expressive photos and videos that you have found and you aired it on. It spoke volumes. Pulling the child, a little baby out of the rubble, full of dust on her hair and everything like that. And I also contributed some photos and some news. But if the world is not touched by all that we have shown on our screen, then there’s no help. (Right. Yes, Master.)

Did a good job, all of you. And I want to thank you. And sorry there’s no photo of me today. But I’m looking the same, same old. (Same beautiful.) Maybe half of the wrinkles more. And maybe a couple more white hairs because of the world’s suffering and trouble. But I look the same. My soul is always the same. Always loving you and the world, and the animals, and all beings in it, and all beings in the Universe, especially those who suffer unjustly. I cannot ignore. (Yes, Master.)

It’s not about politics; it’s about humans’ lives. It’s about animals’ lives, it’s about living beings’ lives, including trees and all that, that they are cutting down at random, at a rate that’s impossible to sustain the planet. (Yes, Master.) And killing billions of innocent ones, every year. Every five minutes, I heard that two million animals are slaughtered, and hurt, and maimed, and... You know what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) You saw it, you saw it all. I told you, I risk my neck to say the truth. But I don’t regret. I have promised you, all of you, whoever listened, that I will not mince my words anymore. And I kept my promise. (Yes, Master.) And I will continue keeping my promise. Because we cannot stay soft and gentle, and always use flowery words, and hinting here and there, and beating around the bush anymore. (Yes, Master. Right.) At the cost of all beings and the planet, and the children, and the future generations.

So, no matter what, if I’m not there, you continue working. (Yes, Master.) You are doing great, all of you. It’s just sometimes, I need to correct something, or advise you something. But overall, you’re doing good. (Thank You, Master.) I’m just too picky, perfectionist, perhaps. But you’re doing well. But many things I correct, you agree with or not? (Yes, Master.) (We agree, Master.) (Yes.) Even just some more details, make it more airable. More presentable.

Because you are working hard and sometimes you overlook some trouble and detail. But we have a reputation to keep. Don’t we? (Yes, Master.) As the best television in the world. (That’s right.) Applaud. I also applaud here, even though you don’t see it. We should be proud. Not arrogant, but proud of our work. That’s what I want to say. Really, we could be proud.

I’m glad. Even if we have just a slightest positive influence in the world, we are very happy. (Yes.) We are just a small group compared to all the giants. But our heart is not small. That’s why. (Right.) Yes. Our intention is powerful. And we have God’s Power, Heavens’ Support, and that’s why we have tremendous influence. I’m telling you that. Maybe more soon. Because they watch together, like if it’s one watching, that means 10 or 20. (Yes, Master.) And they watch in many countries that we cannot even count. We cannot even see it. And it keeps growing. (Wow!)

I hope that in our lifetimes, with all our hearts and minds poured together in the teamwork, the world may be Eden. Peace. At least we try. (Yes, Master.) So, when you close your eyes, saying goodbye to this world, your conscience, your heart, is pure of tranquility, peace and satisfaction with your life, with the precious life that you have been given for this precious work that you are doing. You’ll be happy, smiling when you leave this physical domain. That’s all that is important. (Yes, Master.) Knowing that we did our best, and so we continue to do our best now until whatever God decides. Thank you. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.)

I don’t know how they count it, but at the moment, let me tell you, just one moment, I’ll just see the exact number. At the moment, for the inner news, I’m told that we have 66% vegetarians and vegans together. (Wow!) Every day, I count. Every day I try to enlist whomever I can in my meditation, and I count, and it’s going quick, going quick. We continue to pray for God’s Help and Heavens’ Power to support us all the time. That’s it for now.

I heard that you don’t have any questions. So I’m going to “celebrate” my only meal of the day. And then, I continue with my only work that is important to me. All of you eat well, sleep good, work hard. (Yes, Master.) That’s all we do.

Some of the shows don’t get to air because I reject them. Because they are not quality enough. (Yes.) Even from outside or from us, if it’s not enough quality, we better not air. (Yes, Master.) We have a reputation to keep, and we have the good viewers to serve. We cannot just dish out anything just because we want it. Even if it’s our TV. We have to give out the best. (Yes, Master.) As long as I live, it will be that way. And if I don’t live anymore, you have to do that way also. (Yes, Master.) You have to get together, for example, then seeing, this is not quality enough, if Master was here, She wouldn’t air it. Like that. I’m not going to leave you yet. Just saying in case I forget to tell you. It has to be quality, good quality, the best possible.

I hope, I wish that all of them copy us so that the world will just have positive, constructive news. (Right. Yes.) So that the world will be better. I read it yesterday, or the day before, in “Hannity” news. He said that journalism is “dead,” “buried.” Because they have no more good content. Just like running together like a herd and it’s just lying or blemishing people so that they can sell or they can support their own purpose, their political party or whatever business that they’re doing. (Yes, Master.)

Any question at all, concerning all this? (No, Master.) That’s it. (Thank You, Master.) OK, then I go to “celebrate” my meal. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, all together. (Enjoy Your meal, Master.) And then I continue my work. Best of luck, best of love, best of wishes, and best of blessings from Heavens. (Thank You, Master.) OK, love. Love you, love you, love you. (We love You, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) God bless. (God bless, Master.)

Host: Most Caring Master, Your never-ending loving Concern for our world is a constant inspiration for our hearts and minds to remain steadfast on the path You have shown us over the years – one of nobility, selflessness and compassion. May we all continue to aspire toward an Eden on Earth, where animals and humans shall celebrate their peaceful coexistence, in pure joy and gratitude. Praying for Beloved Master to have unlimited health and enjoy safety, in the forever Support of Heavens.

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