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Insights on the U.S. Presidential Election, Feb. 7, 2021

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On February 7, 2021, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai took precious time from Her intensive meditation retreat for our world to read a story about two fallen angels to the Supreme Master Television team. She graciously translated it from “A Treasury of Jewish Folklore” compiled by Nguyễn Ước. Afterwards, Master kindly answered questions from team members. In response to one question, Master revealed why the former President of the United States, His Excellency Donald Trump, a laureate of the Shining World Peace Leader Award and Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion, did not continue to contest the presidential election results after the January 6, 2021 protest at the US Capitol in Washington, DC.

You see, President Trump wasn’t going to give up. It’s just that after they entered the government building there and some people died like that, of course, that goes against his own principle of peace and non-violence. So, he gave up immediately; he immediately announced that there will be the peaceful transfer of presidential power to the next party, because he did not want any more trouble like that and he did not want any more lives lost, similar to the King of Heaven. The story I told you, one of the past reincarnations of the Buddha, because of compassion, because of real love, he didn’t want victory at all costs. So that is a true victory. Winning is not always winning, losing is not always losing. I very much respect and admire him for that.

Master also addressed the mistreatment of Americans who have been supportive of His Excellency by the other party.

People are scared, scared to say that they are supporting whom, supporting President Trump. They’re hiding; they don’t even dare to speak loud and all that.

The opposite party, they should be contented and happy with the winning, with the seizing of power. I mean they should be more compassionate, more benevolent, more tolerant to calm people’s hearts to stabilize the country.

Master then explained more about the presidential election results.

(You have the Power of Heaven to change the result of the election.) Yes. (How come Master didn’t do that?) Yeah. Because… Because we are not supposed to do it like that. (Right.) Also, it would destroy the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party had many good Presidents. I owe the Democratic Party something. I owe ex-President Clinton, because I had written him a very long letter to ask him to help the Aulacese (Vietnamese).

The American government was also helping the refugees. But President Clinton lifted the 30-years long embargo for Âu Lạc (Vietnam) for 74 million people. It was a great job that he had done. After the war, everything was already almost depleted. Economically, politically and everything, Âu Lạc (Vietnam) was really dying. President Clinton, after I had written the letter, not long after, he lifted the embargo (Right.) of 30 years. Many presidents did not do that, but he did.

He lifted the embargo and I am forever grateful to him. Thank you, President Clinton, I am still grateful to you. May God bless you and yours with everything that is favorable and good. Now you know I was stuck in-between. I care for Americans but on one hand I cannot harm the Democratic Party.

I tried other ways to soften the effect. (Yes, Master.) Even though President Trump is no more in power, I try to work with the other party, to help them, and to soften the gravity of the situation. It will get better. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) Yes. I had to be fair and just (Yes, Master.) to my own conscience.

Our heartfelt appreciation, Your Excellencies Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, for all that you have done for America, nations like Âu Lạc (Vietnam) and our world. Our deepest gratitude, Most Compassionate Master, for sharing these profound insights into the United States’ recent presidential election. We are eternally grateful for everything You are doing to help humanity and uplift our planet’s consciousness. May Master’s glorious vision of a peaceful and loving vegan world soon be realized.

For the full broadcast of this conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date.

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