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Honoring Animal Sentience - France’s L214 Co-Founder, Brigitte Gothiere (vegan), Part 3 of 4

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On today’s program, we learn more about the Association’s undercover investigations. Slaughterhouses cause immense suffering, not only for the animals, but also for the people who must work there. Scientific research shows that slaughterhouse employees often suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) caused by the gross brutality of their job. “We were lucky enough to have a very well-made documentary that was shown in June, on French television this year, in which the male and female workers of slaughterhouses testified, and who, in fact, showed their suffering coming from their work. So, slaughterhouses are not good for animals and are not good for humans either.” Many rich, powerful livestock industry lobby groups have been opposing the work of the L214 Association. The L214 members are often in danger, and threatened physically, mentally, and legally. “Yes, there is this phase of intimidation. But in the end, compared to what the animals are living, it is essential to continue this work of exposing, so people realize there is no reason for it to continue that way.”

The exhaustive research by the World Watch Institute and many others point to livestock-raising as the No. 1 cause of human-induced climate change critically endangering our planet right now. In Her recent “Urgent Message to World Leaders,” Supreme Master Ching Hai points to the same solution and lays out a roadmap to a peaceful future. “You know well by now, by the UN’s warning, by scientific research report, we know that the meat, fish, eggs, milk, laboratory tests on animals, leather industry; ANYTHING TO DO WITH HURTING ANIMALS, domestic or wild, ARE DETRIMENTAL TO OUR WORLD. We talk about all kinds of climate reduction, or reducing air pollution BUT animal raising, fish, egg, milk industries, etc., anything to do with animals, are the worst producers of lethal methane gas which heats up our planet. So, stopping these brutal, murderous businesses is the fastest way to cool our Earth.”

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