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Dr. Leila (vegan): A Life Transformed Through Whole-food Plant-based Eating

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"Hallo, I'm Dr. Leila. I used to be a doctor, but I'm now a plant-based nutritionist, and I'm an advisory board member of Plant-Based Health Professionals UK."

Dr. Leila has been experiencing severe migraines since childhood, and no medical treatment has been able to resolve this condition permanently. It was a fortunate course of events that brought Dr. Leila to attend a conference in 2018 organized by the Plant-Based Health Professionals UK. She was then introduced to the concept of food’s power to truly act as medicine! She explored it further and the astounding effects on her health, particularly with respect to migraines, confirmed to her the benefits of a plant-based diet centered on whole-foods.

Regaining health and finding joy in life through whole-food plant-based meals motivated Dr. Leila to launch her practice called Plant Powered Qi Nutrition. She provides consultations on nutrition, weight management, disease prevention, and recovery from serious illnesses. "When we say whole-food plant-based, what we're talking about is no processed food. So no refined sugar, no refined carbs and no salt. So, yes, the main change for me was no processed food, and whole grains, legumes, a lot of fruits and vegetables." "Going plant-based is really the best diet because it's not just about your health. It's also about the animals and the environment. And the benefit is that you'll be pain-free. And I think we don't realize that. We always accept some health problems as part of aging, but it is not true. We can actually have a healthy life and be fit, and at the same time help the environment and animals. So give it a try, and no matter what your background is, what your tradition and culture are, if you look into your culture, you realize that the root of it was a plant-based diet. So just do your research and if you need any help, there are a lot of people out there to help you to make a transition. Be veg, go green and save the planet."

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