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Ocean Warming: A Call to End the Climate Crisis, Part 1 of 3

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Today the planet is facing critical climate challenges due to human activities that are detrimental to the environment and our animal co-inhabitants. Raising animal livestock is recognized as a leading cause of human-driven greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and air and water pollution. Ocean warming is accelerating due to excessive amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that prevent heat radiated from the Earth’s surface from escaping into space.

Warmer ocean temperatures are causing the melting of Arctic ice and permafrost, thus releasing large amounts of methane gas into the atmosphere. This in turn causes rising sea levels, which pose a profound risk to the hundreds of millions of people and animals living in coastal areas. The warmer ocean also causes extreme storms and the changing of traditional weather patterns. Nations must quickly take the necessary steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and halt climate change.

Our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai has spoken many times about the risk posed by rising sea levels and the devastating consequences we face as a result. She reminds us that the fastest way to halt climate change and prevent further catastrophic events is through the organic vegan lifestyle. "According to the latest report, animals are responsible for 51%, at least, of all the greenhouse gas emissions that heat up the planet. So, if we stop animal industry, we cut out 51% of the heat. And then, if we use all the tillable land, all the cultivable land, to plant organic vegetables and fruits, then we cut off another 40%, at least, of carbon dioxide that exists. The planet cools off in a few years. I mean, when the animals all die naturally in a few years and all the organic vegetables come in, a few years’ time, we don’t have any 'two degrees.' Then, we have the planet still. We can still keep the cars, trains, airplanes until we develop a better, greener technology for transportation, etc. We still have all that, all the comfort. Just stop the animal industry and become vegan."

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